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Chapter 3 Section 5 The Cultures of Nubia

key terms and concepts
minerals that are mined and used to produce metals
Lower Nubia
region between the 1st and 2nd cataracts on the Nile
Upper Nubia
region of the Nile between the 2nd and 6th cataracts
a worker skilled in making crafts by hand
What was the kingdom of Kerma known for?
delicate pottery
What was the kingdom of Napata known for?
building pyramids in which to bury their kings
What happened to the Napatan rule of Egypt?
rulers were forced back into Nubia very quickly
What was the kingdom of Meroe known for?
learning to make iron weapons and tools
What was the source of Meroe's wealth?
Why did Egyptians call Nubia the "land of the bow"?
Nubians were skilled archers.