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control center; directs all cell activities

Cell Membrane

boundary of cell; controls what enters and leaves the cell

Cell Wall

boundary of plant cell; provides structure


fills up remaining space; jelly-like; where some cell processes take place


powerhouse of the cell; provides energy


protein factories

Endoplasmic Reticulum

transportations system

Golgi Bodies

receiving and packaging


captures sun to produce sugars (food) for the cell


digests wastes; destroys unwanted or unneeded organelles or substances

Prokaryotic Cell

a cell that does not contain a membrane bound organelles like bacteria

Eukaryotic Cell

a cell that contains membrane bound organelles


contains RNA and makes ribosomes


storage area; stores water, wastes, and other materials; larger in plant cells


genetic material (DNA)


The basic unit of life

Robert Hooke

Created a microscope and "discovered" cells

Schleiden and Schwann

German scientists who found plant and animal cells had similarities

Rudolf Virchow

proposed that cells come from preexisting cells


makes up 70% of all cells. Surrounds cells and helps to insulate them.

Nucleic Acid

macromolecule that contain genetic information (DNA and RNA)


Genetic material that controls cell growth, cell reproduction and cell processes


Gentic material that controls the production of proteins


chains of amino acids

Function of protein

communication, cell transport, chemical breakdown of substances, and structural support


does not dissolve in water. stores energy, protective membranes, and cell communication


chains of sugar; provides stored energy, structural support in plants, and communication between cells

Cell theory

all organisms are made of cells, cells are the basic unit of life, cells come from preexisting cells

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