30 terms


In order of appearance in the chapter :)
Harry Truman
after FDR, ended WWII and was president through the 1950s
GI Bill of Rights
government provided education training, medical treatment, unemployment insurance, and loans for veterans
Employment Act of 1946
set commitment to full employment and set up a council of economic advisers to advise the president.
Taft-Hartley Act of 1947
an effort to weaken unions by banning closed shops (where nonunion workers cant be hired). Can't boycott, strike, featherbed, or bargain.
"cooling off period"
80 days of rest on any dangerous strike
"right to work" laws
forbids union shops
National Security Act
created a National mil. establishment. Made permanent the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the CIA.
Charter of the UN
UN = delegates from all over the world - keep ideal peace. Consists of GA and Security council
Security Council
remain in permanent session to maintain international peace (war branch of UN). 5 permanent veto powers: US, UK, Chia, USSR, France.
Nuremberg Trials
international military tribunals- trials for Nazi leaders
Iron Curtain
imaginary boundary between democratic W.E and communist E.E
Kennan- U.S Containment Policy
US= policy to contain USSR's expansion (of land and communism)
Truman Doctrine
US will support any nation rebelling against an unjust government => justifies sending aid to Greece and Turkey
Marshall Plan
gave money and supplies to European recovery. To help not one country but to stop hunger poverty and chaos.
NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
alliance against USSR- attack on one means attack on all
Recognition of Israel as a state
Palestine v Israel
Committee on Civil Rights
investigate violence against African Americans -> to remove the irony with combating Holocaust and still having segregation
Jackie Robinson
first black athlete in the major league
Dixiecrat Rebellion
faction of Democratic party that denounced civil rights and championed states' rights. (Thurmond)
Fair Deal
Newer New Deal-> higher min. wage, expand social security, farm subsidies, public housing (welfare).
Chiang Kai shek
Nationalists - democratic - forced to flee into Taiwan
Mao Tse tung
Communists- forced Nationalists out of China after the civil war
After finding evidence of USSR's atomic tests, we tried to make a hydrogen bomb
National Security council
includes president, secretary of defense, and new subcabinet departments, and secretary of state ** it called for re militarization after finding USSR's bomb --> first Peacetime army
38th Parallel
N/S Korea split here after Japanese left (post WWII). USSR/NK invades SK to reunite = Korean War (see notes about war)
HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee)
tried people suspected of being communist -> employee loyalty program
Alger Hiss
accused of being a communists by HUAC and convicted
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
leaked bomb info to USSR = arrested
"witch hunt" for communists= mostly scare tactics and not real evidence
loyalty oaths/loyalty program
incite anti- communist hysteria - need to swear loyalty to US