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cgs2100 access test

why do you have a primary key?
unique data (it cannot be duplicated)
In ____ view, you cannot make any design changes to a form.
Parkhurst Health & Fitness Center Martha Parkhurst is using the Fitness database to track and analyze the business activity of the fitness center members and their programs. To make her work easier, you'll create a form and report in the Fitness database.

Martha is concerned that her form data may be longer in length than the size of the field control. To check this, she should use ____.
print view
Which of the following can Martha use before printing to show exactly how one of the reports you designed for her will look when printed?
print view
Pine Hill Music School Yuka Koyama uses the Pinehill database to maintain information about the students, teachers, and contracts for her music school. Yuka asks you to help her build the database by updating one table and creating two new tables.

If you choose the ____, Access permits the change in value to the primary key and changes the appropriate foreign key values in the related table, thereby eliminating the possibility of inconsistent data in Yuka's database.
Cascade Update Related Fields option
You can resize columns easily in ____ view.
You can activate the Find command from the button on the ____ tab.
It is best to ____ a database object—query, form, or report—only if you anticipate using the object frequently or if it is time-consuming to create because all objects use storage space on your disk.
under field properties, the default value of zero means ___
false or no
A ____ is a question you ask about data stored in a database.
When you create a form containing data from two tables that have a one-to-many relationship, you create a(n) ____ for data from the primary table.
main form
You can move from field to field within a form by using the ____.
tab key
In Datasheet view, the star symbol that appears in the record selector area always identifies the ____ in the database.
next available row for a new record
A range of values may be specified as selection criteria by using the ____ operator.
Parkhurst Health & Fitness Center Martha Parkhurst needs to change a few records in the Fitness database, and analyze the records for members enrolled in different programs at the fitness center.

Martha would like to create a list of all the aerobics classes being held in the Red room and in the Blue room. Which of the following comparison operators would work?
In ("Red", "Blue")
The ____ operator is a comparison operator that allows you to check whether or not a particular field value is part of a list of values.
In ()
You should carefully design your ____ to meet the needs of those who will use it.
If a table is defined with a primary key, Access will require you to enter a value for the key when adding a record in a process known as ____.
entity integrity
A form that shows only one record at a time has a ____ layout.
The characteristics of a field, such as name, size, and type, are called the field ____.
____ fields can be unique or nonunique.
For a field in Tom's database that holds dollar amounts, what is the most appropriate data type?
To indicate a pattern that includes wildcards, use _____.
Like "617*"
To see a sample of your form before it is printed, you can click the ____ button.
print preview
The items marked 2(signing date, contract num) in the accompanying figure are ____ records.
The Decimal property setting for Number fields stores positive and negative numbers to precisely ____ decimal places and uses 12 bytes.
Using the Number data type for the Country Population field in a database, with characteristics of the lowest data value starting at over 1 million and the highest at 2 billion, set the Field Size Property to _____.
Long Integer
A form can be used to display fields from multiple records at one time by specifying the ____ layout.
Access searches for objects only in the categories and groups currently displayed in the ____.
Navigation Pane
A ____ datasheet is temporary, and its contents are based on the criteria you establish in the design grid.
Tom forgot to set off the date values in a condition that he was constructing from the operators, but Access automatically placed ____ around the date values to distinguish them from the operators
number signs
A primary key ____.
uniquely identifies each record in a table
A report that shows the data from a record in the primary table and then all joined records from the related table is called a(n) ____ report.
The final step in the creation of a table is to save the table ____ to disk.
Yuka wants to create a report using the Report Wizard. She will select fields from the Student table and the Contract table. She has asked that you sort the detail records in ascending order by Contract ID. This will be a(n) ____ report.
Each ____ in the design grid contains specifications about a field you use in a query.
To move from record to record in a form, you can use the ____.
navigation buttons
Tom notices that he often needs to type the same data that he just typed in the previous record. He can speed up the data entry process by using ____.
In the accompanying figure, the last ROW of data shown (11053, Hwan, Tang, etc.) is a ____.
(a set of field values is called a record)
The themes are available under the Themes group on the ____ tab.
If you are unable to see all of the fields on your display, click the ____ to give you more room on the screen to view the object's contents.
Shutter Bar Open/Close Button on the Navigation Pane
An Access database can contain up to ____ objects.
Tom wants to know at a glance how many records are contained in the current table. Where should he look?
Current Record Box
The ____ character will match any single alphabetic character.
You can automatically include all of the fields in a table in a query by ____ the asterisk that appears in the Field List box in Query Design view.
In Access, you can specify up to ____ fields on which to sort the query results.
For a special report, Tom wants his donation fields to display in a Currency format that does not display dollar signs, so he will use the ____ format.
Maintaining data using a form is often easier than using a(n) ____ because you can focus on all the changes for a single record at one time.
____ a database rearranges data and objects in a database to make its size smaller.
You use ____ view to view, enter, and maintain data in the table on which a form is based.
Clicking a record selector ____.
selects an entire row
When you create a form containing data from two tables that have a one-to-many relationship, you create a(n) ____ for data from the primary table.
main form
To change the way your data is displayed in a field, you can change the field's ____.
format property
The ____ property setting for number fields establishes a unique identifier for the replication of tables, records, and other objects; it uses 16 bytes.
replication ID
It would be wasteful to use the Long Integer setting when defining a field that will only store whole numbers ranging from 0 to 255 because the Long Integer setting will use ____ bytes of storage space.
In the first Form Wizard dialog box, you would specify the ____.
tables or queries to be used and the fields to include
Clicking a field selector ____.
selects an entire column
Selection criteria that are placed in different rows in the query design grid indicate an ____ operator.
The data type that allows you to indicate the absence or presence of a condition is ____.
A(n) ____ is an item on a form, report, or other database object that you can manipulate to modify the object's appearance.
A table's primary key is ____.
indicated by a key symbol in the row selector area
If you only know the first or last part of a value, use the ____ character when searching.
A picture is one of many ____ you can add to and modify on a form.
A(n) ____ query is a query based on more than one table.
Jill has defined a search using the Find command and has located the first record that qualifies. To look at the next qualifying record, she would click the ____.
Find Next button in the Find and Replace dialog box
A primary key that consists of more than one field is called a ____ key.
Values for field properties other than Field Name, Data Type, and Description are entered in the ____ portion of the Table window in Design view.
Field Properties Pane
Access assigns the default name ____ to the first new table you create.
____ functions operate on the records that meet a query's selection criteria.
As you define fields, the default data type, ____, appears highlighted in the Data Type text box.
After you have finished defining a table, you must ____ it in order to begin to enter data into it.
In Datasheet view, clicking a row selector selects an entire
related(?) tables
are separate tables but you can use the data in them as if they were one table.
A ___ relationship exists between two tables when one record in the first table matches zero, one, or many records in the second table.
one-to-many relationship
A field name
A field that is defined in a table, and that is also defined as a primary key in a different table, is a(n)
foreign key
A field, or a combination of fields, that has a unique value is a
primary key
A primary key
a field, or a collection of fields, whose values uniquely identify each record in a table
A query can be run at any time during the creation of the query by clicking the ___ button in the Results group on the Query Tools Design tab.
exclamation point (run)
A query defined in Access can
- Display selected fields and records from a table
- Sort records
- Perform calculations
- Generate data for forms, reports, and other queries
- Update data in the tables in a database
- Find and display data from two or more tables
A relational database is a collection of
of related tables
A selection condition that dictates that the value in the specified field must precisely match the condition is known as a(n)
exact match.
A table can be logically connected to another table by defining a
Certain Access data types have a predefined field ___ that cannot be changed.
Data from two or more tables can be connected by specifying a
Every foreign key must
Martha would like to create a query that lists fields for members who joined the fitness center between June 1 and June 30, 2010. What should her criterion in the Date Joined column look like for this query?
Operators used in selection criteria in a query, such as equal, not equal, or greater than, are known as
comparison operators or filters?
Queries can be created by using the Query ___, which prompts you for the information required to build the query.
Referential Integrity
a feature built in to Access to prevent data inconsistency in related tables.
Selection criteria that are placed in different rows in the query design grid indicate an
Or logical operator.
Statistical information, such as totals and averages, can be calculated in a query by using a(n)
Aggregate function.
The ___ determines what field values are allowed and what other properties the field will have.
data type
The ___ determines what type of values can be entered for a field.
Field properties
The ___ will cause a record to be selected only if two or more conditions are satisfied.
And logical operator
The first step in organizing data into a database is to define the
individual fields
The order in which fields are displayed in a query depends on
the sorting data
To divide records into groups based on the values in a specified field, you would use the
Group By operator.
To see the results of a query, you must
run it.
When defining a field, the Field Size property determines ___
how much physical storage space the field requires.
When you define a query that performs a calculation, you must add a
new field?
When you use the number data type to define a field, you should set the field's ___ property based on the largest value you expect to store in that field.
Field Size