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Innate Immunity

The first 2 lines of defense given before birth.

Nonspecific Immunity

A generalized response to a wide variety of pathogens.

First Line of Defense

Barriers, phagocytes, extracellular killings, and complements.

Second Line of Defense

Interferons, defensins, inflammation, and fever.

Specific Immunity

The body's ability to recognize and defend against intruders and their products.

Naturally Acquired: Active

The body's natural defense against infections.

Naturally Acquired: Passive

Antibodies given to the fetus through the placenta.

Artificially Acquired: Active

Vaccines trigger immune responses.

Artificially Acquired: Passive

Antiseras and antitoxins are given to patients.

active immunization

Antigens given in the fo/ated, inactivated, or toxoid vaccines

Passive Immunization

Administration of an antiserum containing preformed antibodies.

Type I Hypersensitivity

Immediate: IgE binds antigen causing degranulation

Type II Hypersensitivity

Cytotoxic: Antibodies and complement lyse target cells.

Type III Hypersensitivity

Immune-complex mediated: Nonphagocytized immune complexes trigger mast cell degranulization.

Type IV Hypersensitivity

Delayed: Tc cells attack the body's cells.


Response to the release of inflammatory molecules.


Antigens that trigger allergies.


Anti-inflammatories that kill T-cells.

Cytotoxic Drugs

Nonspecifically blocks cell division.


Blocks T-cell responses.

Lymphocyte-Depleting Therapies

Kills T-cells nonspecifically and kills activated T-cells

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