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Which cell is phagocytic?


Divides the body into left and right halves


Found in low concentrations in the CNS

Arcuate fibers

Connects Weinecki's to Brocca's


Where did cerebellum develop from?


Which is not in the forebrain?

Sensory neurons

Which are derived from neural crest cells?


Which lobe deals with emotions?

150 ml

How much CSF in a normal cross section?

Anterior cerebral artery

Which artery crosses corpus callosum?

Induction of ectoderm

What is the importance of the notochord?


Most common synapse


What is gray matter in the midbrain?

Interventricular septum

What connects the third and lateral ventricles?


Cerebral aquaduct?

Dorsal in the spinal cord and lateral in the brain stem

Which are sensory?

Occipital lobe

Vision in the

Great cerebral vein of Galen

Internal structures of the brain drained by


Adjacent to the midbrain is the

Internal Jugular

What drains the cranium?

Ependymal cells

What makes the CSF?


What is a bundle of nerve fibers in the CNS?

Posterior cerebral artery

What artery supplies the visual cortex?


Which microglial cell myelinates the CNS?

Schwann cell

Which microglial cell myelinates the PNS?

Sensory neurons

Which are neural crest cells?

Ependymal cells

What lines the ventricles


What kind of fiber is the corpus callosum?


Where is the cerebellum?

Pia mater

During a lumbar puncture, what is not punctured?


What lobe is somatosensory?

Subarachnoid space

Where is CSF located?


What is gray matter of midbrain?


What is most rostral part of CNS?

3rd week

Which week does nervous system development start in embryo?


Which develops from the telencephalon?


What cell type is in the DRG?

Broca's Area

What is the area for speech?

2nd order neurons

Sensory info arriving at one side of the body or head typically reaches the cerebral cortex on the other side. The axons that cross the midline to accomplish this are


Which pathway carries pain sensation to the cerebrum?

Cuneate nucleus

63 y/o man has loss of discriminative touch, vibratory sense, and proprioception in right arm. Where are the cell bodies located for the 2nd order neurons in the pathway located?


Dermatome of upper arm

Free nerve ending

This is a type of nociceptor

Muscle spindle

Stimulus of a stretch receptor


Follicular receptor is a


Which is not encapsulated?


Which is for vibration?


Pain sensation to the cerebellum

Right cerebellum

Left arm/leg weakness

Pyramid/Lateral corticospinal

what does not contain corticobulbar fibers?


Patellar reflex is

Withdrawel reflex

Fibers cross =

Decrease over time

Aging motor units


How many neurons involved in a reflex?

Cuneate tract

Upper arm =


Muscle contraction

Golgi tendon organ

This prevents excessive contraction


These receptors are within the body

Lateral vestibular nucleus

The vestibulospinal tract nucleus is located here

Tegmentum of pons, medulla, and midbrain

Reticular formation is in the

Gray matter of spinal cord

Alpha motor neurons are where?


Proprioceptive sensation of lower limb is from where?

Tectospinal tract

Tract that turns your head in response to a stimulus


Which reflex requires synapses over several spinal segments?


Area of skin innervated by a single nerve and its receptors is called a

Internal arcuate fibers

What are the crossing fibers of the gracile nucleus called?

Dorsal thoracic

Posterior spinocerebellar tract originates from which nucleus?

In Dorsal root ganglion

Gracile nucleus/fasciculus is located where?

Reticular activating system

Level of awareness


What is involved in pupillary light reflex?

Semicircular canals

Cold/warm water in the ear


Nerves involved in Special Visceral Afferent

Trigeminal and facial

Two nerves involved in corneal reflex


Branch of trigeminal nerve that is motor


Photoreceptor example


These are concentrated in the fovea

They go to the anterior 1/3 of tongue (they don't really)

Which is not true of nerves of the solitary tract?


What do these things have in common?

Lateral rectus

What does CN VI control?


What is sensory organ for dynamic equilibrium?


Hypoglossal nerve is

Utricle and Saccule

If you run into a tree


What nerve does taste on epiglottis?

CN III (Oculomotor)

Which nerve has parasympathetic component?

Right oculomotor

Shine light -> Right eye no contraction left eye contraction, what nerve is damaged?


What functional component is parasympathetic?


Which nerve innervates the muscles of mastication?

Visual Cortex

Where do ganglia cells not terminate?

Right abducens, left oculomotor

When looking at something on the right

Oculomotor nucleus

Ascending MLF ends in

Nucleus ambiguus

Pharyngeal and laryngeal muscles innervated by muscle fibers from

Afferent limb of reflexes/Modulates cardiac and respiratory function

What does the solitary tract convey?

Solitary tract/nucleus

If there is a lesion here you can't taste

Trigeminal and Facial nerves

What innervates the tensor timpani and stapes?

Trapezoid body

Primary decussation of auditory?

Transverse temporal

Auditory cortex


Number of functional components of brainstem?

Many crossovers = Exact hearing

Which is true (crossovers and hearing)

Visual cortex

What is not a direct target of axon cells?


Of nerves 4, 7, 8, and 10, which has a different function?

Superior colliculus

What is not a part of the auditory cortex?

Opthalmic, trigeminal, spinal trigeminal, and primary sensory area

Order of ascending pathway of conscious awareness?


What is not made by the anterior pituitary?

Dentate nucleus

Where do Perkinje fibers project?

All of the above (DRG, pain, distention)

Autonomic afferents carry what?


Olfactory tract is an outgrowth from where?


Preganglionic sympathetic fibers are what?

Fimbrae of Hippocampus to Mammillary body

Fornix originates from where and goes to where?


Major decussation of auditory is

Reticular Nucleus

Which of the following is not part of the epithalmus?

Medial Striae

Which of the olfactory crosses over?

Cochlear Duct

Organ of Corti...


Hypothalamus is separated by what?


What senses pain in the face?


Intention tumor would be caused by a lesion to which?

Substantia Nigra/Dopamine Depletion

What is a Basal Ganlia problem?


Resistance to passive movement

Dorsal Motor Nucleus of Vagus

Parasympathetic innervation to the heart is from what?


Olfactory nerve body is in what?

Glomeruli of olfactory bulb

Olfactory axon synapses in what?

Septal Nucleus

Where is the reward center?


Which is not part of the Basal Ganglion?

Inferior Olivary nucleus

Climbing fibers originate where?

Lateral geniculate nucleus

Which thalamic nucleus is involved with the visual cortex?

Preganglionic Parasympathetic

S2-S4 fibers are what?

Spiral Nucleus

Cochlear nucleus receives afferents from where?

Lingual Gyrus

Which is not involved in motor movement?


This can't be mapped in the brain

Mitral cells

Olfactory glomeruli contain fibers of what?

Neurons of the posterior pituitary

Vasopressin is released from where?


Monty Python rabbits running

Media Stria

These cross over the contralateral olfactory

Retinacular nucleus

What is not part of epithelial?

Circumventricular organ

Which area is postrema/Outside the blood brain barrier?

Parasympathetic preglanglionic

Pelvic Splanchnic related to what?


Postganglionic lacrimal gland is what?

Dorsal motor nucleus of Vagus

Innervation of the heart comes from where?

Internal Salivitory Nucleus

Preganglionic GVE of Otic gland?


The hypothalamus secretes this


Lateral geniculate nucleus is for what?

Every 1-3 months

Olfactory epithelium is replaced how often?

Circumventricular Organ

If you inject intravenous dye it shows where?


White rami communicans are found where?

Septal cells

Memory related to what?

Olfactory epithelium

This contains olfactory receptor cells


CNS is from what germ layer?


Cerebral cortex can have up to how many lamina?

Middle cerebral

What artery supplies lateral cerebrum?

Between 3rd and 4th ventricles

Where is Cerebral aqueduct?

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