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Obj. 2.01--image editing features


Katie is touching up a photograph and needs to replace the blemishes on her skin with an area that is clear. Which image editing technique will Katie use?

Aspect Ratio

While editing an image, Lucy clicked on one of the image handles and dragged it to the right in order to change the display size of the image. This caused the image to be distorted. Which of the following did he change?

Higher Resolution

Ms. Matthews is printing posters of her students' artwork. Since the images will be printed, they will need what type of resolution?

Lower Resolution

Stephan is creating and editing images to be placed on a website he is designing. Since the images are only meant to be displayed on a monitor, they will need what type of resolution?


Janice created a collage of her friends for a school project. She used individual pictures of each friend to create one picture. Which editing feature did she use?


Tanea will be traveling to Europe for a school trip and needs to get a passport. She only needs a shot of herself from the shoulders up to send to the passport agency, so she decides to use this editing feature to eliminate the rest of the photograph so that only that part of her body is showing and then save it as a separate image. Which editing feature will she use?


Sam is creating an advertisement for the upcoming air show at the airport. He has an image of one of the planes that he would like to but in the advertisement, but he wants it to look like it is flying upside down instead of right side up. Which editing feature will he use?


Sheree is creating a poster to advertise the Halloween spooky trail the school will be sponsoring as a fund raiser. She wants to add some spooky special effects to the plain images that she found to use in the poster. Which editing feature will she use?


James would like to edit his GIF image so that you will not be able to see the white background of the original image, but instead be able to see the red background of his website that he will be placing the image on. Which editing feature will he use?


Jennifer would like the letters in her Title on her web page, to be filled with colors that gradually go from dark to light. Which editing feature will she use?


Cameron would like the background of his image to appear as if it has the same texture as bark on a tree. Which editing feature will he use?


Cherie would like the background of her image to be a gif image that she created earlier that is just tiled one after another in the background of the image. Which editing feature will she use?

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