22 terms

8th grade social studies ch 15.2

wrote uncle tom's cabin
harriet beecher stowe
the 1850 law that would help slaveowners recapture runaway slaves
Fug slave act
under the fug slave act, people accused of being fugs could be held without this
an arrest warrant
people accused of being fugs had no right to this
jury trial
fed commissioners received this amt of money for returning slaves
fed commissioners received this amt of money for releasing slaves
southerners felt that the FSA was justified because of this
slaves were considered to be property
why northerners resented the FSA
it required them to help search for runaway slaves, it placed fines on them if they didn't cooperate, and it jailed them if they helped slaves escape.
because of this, the northerners could no longer ignore the fact that by supporting this, they played an important role in slavery
The Fugitive Slave Act
year that Uncle Tom's Cabin was written
many who drafted this bill to organize territorial governments for the nebraska territory in 1854
Stephen A Douglas
the nebraska territory would be divided into this
Nebraska and Kansas
to get southern support of the K-N Act, this happened
Stephen A Douglas decided to allow the territories to decide if they wanted to be a free or slave state
this act would repeal the missouri comp
the kansas-nebraska act
in march 1855, there were more proslavery settlers than antislavery settlers in the territory. But the proslavery forces didn't want to risk losing the election so this happened
5000 Missourians crossed the Kansas border to vote in the election illegally
in may a porslavery mob attacked this town and destroyed offices and the house of the governor of the antislavery government
Lawrence, KS
the attack in lawrence was called this
sack of Lawrence
to avenge the sack of lawrence, this man and seven other men went to the cabins of several proslavery people and murdered 5 people. This became known as the Pottawotomie Massacre.
John Brown
the civil war in kansas that lasted for three years
Bleeding Kansas
in the spring of 1856, this man delivered a speech attacking the proslavery forces in Kansas and made fun of A.P. Butler, a south carolina senator
Charles Sumner of Massachusetts
This man defended Butler and the south by hitting Charles Sumner with his cane over 30 times
Preston Brooks
the attack on charles sumner became known as this
Bleeding Sumner