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  1. The client group that it appeals to is clients with a variety of disabilities and across all developmental stages.
  2. The interview would take 20-30mins to conduct and completion of the scale is 5-20mins. Depends on how well the therapist is familiar with the assessment.
  3. Is to detect change in a person's self perception over time
  4. The WEIS focuses on individuals with physical or psychosocial disabilities that experience & perceive difficulties in their work environment.
  5. It is a semi-structured interview with a structure scoring method

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  1. OCAIRSOccupational Circumstances Assessment Interview and Rating Scale.


  2. Process of OCAIRSThe client is graded on 12 distinct items and then rated on a scale.


  3. WEIS client GroupIndividuals who are experiencing difficulty on the job, and persons whose work is interrupted by an injury or episode of illness.


  4. Process of the COPMThere are 17 items that the client needs to reflect on. Each of these items is scored with a 4-point rating that indicates how the environment factor affects the workers performance, satisfaction, physical, social and emotional wellbeing.


  5. Purpose of OCAIRSThe purpose of OCAIRS is to gather information on the clients values, goals, personal causation, interests, habits, roles etc. It helps therapists to develop a treatment plan fo clients with mental illness. It focuses primarily on the client's current occuapational participation