15 terms

3rd Grade Quarter 2 Reveiw

The "menus" or "tabs" at the top of the screen in Microsoft Word.
Insertion Point
The blinking line that shows you where you will type next on the screen.
Microsoft Word
The word processing program we are using in keyboarding class.
Allows you to go to the next line or move down a line.
Oops! This allows you to correct a mistake(s) or fix something you messed up.
Oops! This allows you to to delete letters or word. Backspace deletes the letters behind (←) the insertion point.
Oops! This allows you to delete letters or words. The delete key will erase what is in front of (→) the insertion point.
Select and Overwrite
Oops! Click and drag across what letters or words you want to replace and simply type the new letters or words you want instead.
1. Makes a Letter Capital
2. Makes the top symbol on a key with two symbols
You MUST hold down the shift key.
This makes all letters capital. To turn in on, press it one time. A light appears on your keyboard. You do NOT hold the caps lock down.
Control (CTRL) and Scroll
This lets you zoom in and out.
Words per Minute.
This is your typing speed.
Home Row
The middle row of letters on the keyboard. This is where we place our fingers to begin typing.
Keyboarding Posture
Your should sit straight and tall while at the computer.
Which fingers do we use to type "SHIFT"
The Pinkies! Remember to shift with the hand you are NOT typing with.

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