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The basic components of emotion are
cognition, affect, and behavior.
Cassandra's mother told her, "You know you are in love when your heart beats fast and you experience that unique trembling feeling inside." This remark best illustrates the ________ theory of emotion.
According to the Cannon-Bard theory, the body's arousal is related to the sympathetic nervous system in the same way that subjective awareness of emotion is related to the
The two-factor theory of emotion was proposed by
Stanley Schachter and Jerome Singer.
Noticing that his heart was pounding and that his palms were sweaty while he was taking a difficult test, Harley concluded that he was "anxious." Noticing that his heart was pounding and that his palms were sweaty when an attractive lady asked him to dance, Harley concluded that he was "falling in love." The differing emotions experienced by Harley can best be explained by the
two-factor theory.
Which division of the nervous system calms the body after an emergency has passed?
When her son fails to arrive home as expected, Elena fears he has been in an accident. Both her heart and respiration rate remain elevated until she sees him come safely through the door. Her body soon returns to normal due to the action of her ________ nervous system.
For purposes of lie detection, investigators have most commonly made use of a(n)
Boyd, a suspect in a criminal investigation, has agreed to take a lie detector test. The machine used in this test is most likely to measure his
perspiration levels.
Chiana and her husband both want to feel and express greater warmth and affection for each other. They would be advised to spend time looking intently at one another's
People are especially good at quickly detecting facial expressions of
We find it especially difficult to detect from other people's facial expressions whether they are
People often overestimate the clarity of their intentions in their e-mails because they underestimate the importance of ________ in communication.
tones of voice
People from different cultures are most likely to differ with respect to
how they interpret hand gestures such as the "thumbs up" signal.
People experience a mood shift when they switch from taking short shuffling steps to taking long strides and swinging
the behavior feedback phenomenon.
Imitating another person's facial expression of emotion is most likely to facilitate
Most young children are fearful of bees, even though they have never been stung by one. This best illustrates that fear
can be learned through observation.
Research suggests that monkeys reared in the wild fear snakes because they
have observed other monkeys' fearful reactions to snakes.
A friend's misdeed is especially likely to trigger feelings of anger if the misdeed is perceived as
The term catharsis refers to emotional
The feel-good, do-good phenomenon refers to the fact that when people feel happy they
are more willing to help others
Subjective well-being refers to
Self- perceived happiness
Subjective well-being refers to
Rannilt was euphoric after learning that she had been accepted by the medical school of her choice. After a few weeks, however, she is only mildly excited when she thinks about her admission to medical school. This change in her feelings can best be explained in terms of
the adaptation-level phenomenon
Haley's parents bought her a used bicycle for her birthday. She was thrilled until she learned that her best friend received a brand new bicycle for her birthday. Haley's declining satisfaction illustrates
relative deprivation.
One way for people to improve their own subjective well-being is to
overestimate how much they can accomplish.
The subfield of psychology that provides psychology's contribution to the prevention and treatment of illness is known as
health psychology
The text defines stress as
the process by which we perceive and respond to environmental threats and challenges.
The general adaptation syndrome describes stages in the
body's response to prolonged stress.
The three successive phases of the general adaptation syndrome are
alarm reaction, resistance, and exhaustion.
In the three weeks after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, two-thirds of Americans responding to a University of Michigan survey reported
those who have been recently widowed, fired, or divorced are more vulnerable to disease.
Research on stressful life events indicates that
those who have been recently widowed, fired, or divorced are more vulnerable to disease.
Because of poverty, unemployment, and overcrowding, residents of impoverished areas are especially likely to experience
Friedman and Rosenman referred to competitive, hard-driving, impatient, and easily angered individuals as ________ personalities.
Type A
Who is the best example of a Type B personality?
Wang Lung, a relaxed, easygoing dentist
In their classic nine-year study, Friedman and Rosenman reported that, compared with Type A men, Type B men were
less susceptible to heart attacks.
Bernard is an ambitious, highly competitive corporate lawyer who recently had a heart attack. He tends to be impatient and a perfectionist, and he gets angry over little things. Research suggests that Bernard's susceptibility to heart attacks may be most closely linked to his
Despite the very stressful events in his life, Mark has been able to maintain good health. This is because of his persistent optimism and the emotional support of his family. An integrated understanding of Mark's well-being is most clearly provided by
a biopsychosocial approach.
To alleviate the stress of losing her job, Alicia enrolled in a work retraining program that led to full-time employment. Alicia's behavior best illustrates
problem-focused coping.
Elderly nursing home residents tend to decline faster and die sooner than they would otherwise if they lack
perceived control.
British civil service workers in executive positions live longer than those in clerical positions. This best illustrates the value of
perceived control.
Compared with the unmarried, married people are more likely to
live longer.
Which of the following is most likely to foster stronger immune functioning?
social support
Feeling liked and encouraged by intimate friends and family has been found to promote
stronger immune functioning.
Activities such as jogging or swimming are forms of
aerobic exercise.
Aerobic exercise has been most closely linked to a decrease in
Which form of treatment has claimed to correct imbalances of energy flow at identifiable points close to the skin?
The natural disappearance of a disease is called
spontaneous remission.
Whether a health care treatment is mainstream medicine or an alternative medicine depends on whether the treatment has been
scientifically validated as effective.
One possible explanation for the longer life expectancy of religiously active people is that
they receive more social support.