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Which child would have the most difficulty in coping with separation from parents because of hospitalization
16 month old child
A 2 year old has been crying constantly for his mother since he was hospitalized 3 days ago, The nurse understands that this behavior suggests
The toddler feels abandoned by his mother.
Which statement best corresponds to a preschoolers understanding of hospitalization
"I got sick because I was mad at my brother."
When a 2 year old returns to hospital room following a diagnostic procedure, her parents are not available and child is crying loudly, What technique most appropriate to alleviate the child's distress is to
Play with the child using pop-up toys.
The restraint that is most appropriate for the insertion of an iv line in a scalp vein of an infant is the
Which observation on entering the hospital room lets the nurse know that there is a need for the parents to receive safety education to prevent unintentional injury
Diapers and wipes are stacked at the foot of the crib.
The nurse instructs the mother of a 2 year old who is taking iron supplements for anemia that some foods reduce the absorption of iron such as
Milk and egg yolks
Parent comments that her infant has had several ear infections in the past few months, The nurse understands that infants are more susceptible to otitis media because
The Eustachian tube is short, straight, and wide.
The nurse is planning to teach parents about prevention of Reye's syndrome, What info would the nurse include in this teaching
Avoid giving salicylate-containing medications for a child who has viral symptoms.
The nurse observes that the legs of a child with cerebral palsy cross involuntarily, and the child exhibits jerky movements with his arms as he tries to eat, The nurse recognizes that he has which type of cerebral palsy
The nurse caring for a child with Duchenne's muscular dystrophy notes a characteristics manifestation, which that the child
Falls frequently and is clumbsy
When a 13 year old is diagnosed with functional scoliosis, the nurse would explain the spinal curvature defect is usually caused by
Poor Posture
The interventions that would be helpful in relieving morning discomfort associated with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis would be
Applying moist heat packs upon awakening.
The nurse providing instructions to an adolescent who has been fitted with a Milwaukee brace would teach the patient to
Wear brace over a T-shirt 23 hours a day.
That statement indicating that the child's parents understand how to perform respiratory therapy is
"We give the aerosol followed by postural drainage before meals."
The nurse would observe the child for frequent swallowing following a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy because that is indicative of
Bleeding from the surgical site.
The nurse explains to the parents of a child with exercise-induced asthma that Cromolyn, an anti-inflammatory drug, should be inhaled
At least 15-10 minutes before exercise.
To facilitate digestion and absorption of nutrients, the nurse teaches the child with cystic fibrosis that she needs to take
Pancreatic enzymes with meals.
The nurse is planning to teach parents about preventing SIDS, Significant info would include
Placing infants on their backs or sides for sleep.
The teaching plan for the use of a dry powder inhaler for the treatment of asthma should include the warning to rinse the mouth after inhaling the power to prevent
The nurse explains that a ventricular septal defect will allow
Blood shunt left to right, causing increasing pulmonary flow and no cyanosis.
The finding the nurse would expect when measuring blood pressure on all four extremities of a child with coarctation of the aorta is blood pressure that is
Lower in the legs than in the arms.
When a father asks why this child with tetralogy of Fallot seems to favor a squatting position, the nurse would explain that squatting
Increase the return of venous blood back to the heart.
An appropriate nursing action related to the administration of digoxin to an infant would be
Withholding a dose if the apical heart rate is less than 100 bpm.
An infant is experiencing dyspnea related to patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), The nurse understands dyspnea occurs because blood is
Circulated through the lungs again, causing pulmonary circulatory congestion.
The nurse would instruct the parents to give ferrous sulfate drops to the child
With orange juice.
The nurse clarifies that the deficiency of factor IX results in
Christmas Disease
A 3 year old with sickle cell disease is admitted to the hospital in sickle cell crisis with severe abdominal pain, The nurse recognizes that the type of crisis the child is most likely experiencing is
The statement made by the parent indicating understanding of health maintenance of a child with sickle cell disease is
"It is important for my child to drink plenty of fluids."
The most recent blood count for a child who received chemotherapy last week shows neutropenia, The priority nursing diagnosis for this child is
Risk for infection.
The finding in a newborn suggestive of tracheoesophageal fistula is
Choking on the first feeding.
The nurse interviewing parents of an infant with pyloric stenosis would expect the parents to report if the infant has had
Projectile vomiting
Intussusception would be suspected when parents describe the child's stools as
Currant jelly
The nurse explains that the treatment of choice for a child with intussusception is
Barium enema
A 7 month old is admitted to the hospital with acute gastroenteritis, The priority goal of the infant care is to prevent
Fluid and electrolyte imbalance.
When asked about correcting the hypospadias of a newborn, the nurse would explain that with this condition
Surgical repair of the hypospadias is done before 18 months of age.
The physical assessment technique that the nurse would omit in caring for a 2 year old who has Wilms' tumor is
Palpating the abdomen
A 6 year old with daytime enuresis complains of dysuria and urgency, the nurse recognizes these as signs and symptoms of
a 7 year old child with acute glomerulonephritis has gross hematuria and has been confined to bed, An appropriate nursing intervention for this child would be
Providing activities for the child on restricted activity.
A 5 year old boy is admitted to the hospital with acute glomerulonephritis, In taking the child's history, the nurse recognizes the probable cause is
A sore throat 2 weeks ago.
The nurse is explaining to a 17 year old female the actions to prevent UTI, The nurse determines the adolescent understands the info when she says a good drink to keep urine acidic is
Cranberry juice
The appropriate technique for the application of a topical treatment for a child with eczema is to
Apply prescribed ointments after a bath.
The best first action to take when a child sustains a 2nd degree thermal burn to the hand is to
Immerse the burned area in cold water.
A child is brought to the ER with burns on face and chest, The nurse's first priority is
Assess respiratory status.
The nurse stresses to the mother of a child with impetigo that
Honey colored crusts on the lesions should be removed with a warm wash cloth