14 terms

English Grammar Quiz 2

simple subject
what/whom the subject is about
complete subject
simple subject + all modifiers
simple predicate
verb phrase
complete predicate
whole sentence - complete subject
1/3 subject
1/3 predicate
1/3 complete thought
sentence rule 1 and strategy
subjects cannot exist in a prepositional phrase
cross out the prepositional phrases
sentence rule 2 and strategy
in questions subjects usually follow the verb
convert the question into a statement
subject complement
a complement that follows a linking verb (predicate nominative or predicate adjective)
a complement that follows a transitive verb (direct object or indirect object)
sentence rule 3 and strategy
subjects can't be "here or there"
reverse the sentence
sentence rule 4 and strategy
subjects in commands are always (you)
write you in parenthesis Ex. (you)
sentence rule 5 and strategy
subjects can be compound
make sure you've found all of them
complement rule 1 and strategy
can't exist in a prepositional phrase
cross out all prepositional phrases
complement rule 2 and strategy
an adverb is never a complement
not all sentences have a complement