19 terms

GEOG 1101 ch 7 key terms

global American company named for the Greek goddess of victory
Philip Knight
creator of Nike, had ideas to import shoes from Japan to cut costs, 1960s
Global Exchange
global system of market, financial, and commodity exchange
Corporate Responsibility
ex: when US college students started to question where their Nike gear came from--changed things
Fair Trade
Fair Labor Association
Export Processing Zones
small areas within which especially favorable investment and trading conditions are created by governments in order to attract export-oriented industries
principle for mass production based on assembly-line techniques, scientific management, mass consumption based on higher wages, and sophisticated advertising techniques
Foreign Direct Investment
total of overseas business investments made by private companies
Creative Destruction
the withdrawal of investments from activities and regions that yield low rates of profit in order to reinvest in new activities
Debt Trap
syndrome of always having to borrow in order to fund development
a relative decline in industrial employment in core regions
high level of reliance by a country on foreign enterprises, investment, or technology
Ecological Footprint
measure of the human pressures on the natural environment from the consumption of renewable resources and the production of pollution indicating how much space a population needs compared to what is available
estimate of the total value of all materials, foodstuffs, goods, and services produced bu a country in a given year
(gross nat'l income) similar to GDP, but also includes the value of income from abroad
Import Substitution
process by which domestic producers provide goods or services that formerly were bought from foreign producers
Int'l Division of Labor
specialization, by countries, in particular products for export