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  1. il est génial!
  2. jouer au basket-ball
  3. est-ce que tu joues bien...?
  4. une limonade
  5. il est bon,...?
  1. a it's great!
  2. b lemon-lime soda
  3. c do you play... well?
  4. d is...any good?
  5. e to play basketball

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  1. soda/lemonade
  2. to play drums
  3. to read
  4. to play tennis
  5. what do you think of...?

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  1. tu veux...?do you want...?


  2. un croque-monsieurvideo camera


  3. je n'ai pas le play basketball


  4. aller au cinémato go to the movies


  5. tu as envie de/d'...?do you feel like...?