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Beatles Songs

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Ticket to Ride
(it was the original title of "Help") John sang lead vocals/ first Beatles' song to be longer than 3 min.
Rubber Soul
Norwegian Wood
(This Bird Has Flown) RS. George plays sitar, John sings lead vocals, triple meter.
I'm Looking Through You
RS. It was written about Jane Asher, Paul sang lead.
Eleanor Rigby
RV Features a string octet, tells a narrative, Paul sings lead.
Here, There, and Everywhere,
RV Written and sung by Paul, Paul lists this as one of his favorite songs.
Tomorrow Never Knows
RV Written and sung by John, Mellotron. backward tape loops, originally titled Mark 1
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
SGT Paul sings lead, leads straight into next song, concept album, escapism from being the "Beatles"
With A Little Help From My Friends
SGT Lead in from previous song, Ringo lead singer, Paul wrote it
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
SGT Based off his son Julian's drawing, a lot of controversy over what it means, John says it's not a drug reference.
Fixing a Hole
SGT George Martin plays harpsichord, Paul sings lead,
Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite
SGT Based off a circus poster, the meter changes from duple to triple, Paul sings lead
A Day in the Life
SGT the last song on Sgt. Pepper's, brought in an entire orchestra and gave them little direction on what to play.
Magical Mystery Tour
I am the Walrus
MMT Written in response to a schoolboy's letter claiming they studied the Beatles' songs in class, most of the lines reference Carroll's Walrus and the Carpenter and childhood ditties.
The Beatles
(1968) (aka "the White Album")
Back in the USSR
TB Inspired by Chuck Berry's "Back in the USA" and The Beach Boy's "California Girls", Paul lead vocals, leads straight into "Dear Prudence"
Dear Prudence
TB John sings lead, Paul plays drums, inspired by Mia Farrow's sister, Prudence, in India.
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
TB Written and sung by George, guitar by Clapton, title inspired by the I Ching.
Martha My Dear
TB Paul was the only one to appear in this song, song is named after his dog.
I'm So Tired
TB John wrote and sung this, wrote it in India when he couldn't sleep.
TB wrote and sung by George, Baroque-style harpsichord, about rich people.
I Will
TB Sung by Paul, George is not features in this song, they worked in this song in India.
TB Written and sung by John, written about his mother and Yoko, John is the only featured in this song.
Yer Blues
TB Written and sung by John, written in India, John performs this with the Dirty Mac (Clapton, Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchell) as well
Helter Skelter
TB Paul sings lead, wanted to record a song louder than the Who's "I Can See For Miles", helter skelter is a slide.
#1- a re-recording of the single "Revolution", says you can count me, in single version the "in" is excluded.
Abbey Road
Come Together
AR sexual innuendo, John sing lead, inspired by a CA governor's campaign motto "Come together, join the party".
3 part vocal harmony, Ringo is not featured in this song, features a Moog synthesizer.
You Never Give Me Your Money
AR written and sung by Paul, segues into Sun King.
Sun King
AR written and sung by John, segues into Mean Mr. Mustard, features a nonsense stanza including words in italian and spanish.
Mean Mr. Mustard
AR John sings lead, they changed the name in the song to Pam to segue into Polythene Pam.
Polythene Pam
AR Paul sings lead, segues into She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
AR inspired by a groupie, Paul sang lead
Golden Slumbers
AR Based on the poem Cradle Song by Thomas Dekker, Paul sang lead, orchestral overdubs were added later.
Carry That Weight
AR features vocals from all 4 Beatles, they had to add in vocals for Lennon later b/c he was in the hospital during the original recording
The End
AR features the only drum solo by Ringo ever performed, alternates guitar solos between the other 3, Her Majesty- the end of Abbey Road, originally supposed to be between Mean Mr. Mustard and Polythene Pam.
Let It Be
Two of Us
LIB Paul wrote and sang this song, dedicated to Linda Eastman
Dig a Pony
LIB John wrote and sang this song, written for Yoko
Across the Universe
LIB incorporated bird sounds, the sanskrit line was in reference to their indian guru. Maharishi Mahesh.Let It Be- Paul wrote and sang this song, inspired by his mother Mary, wall of sound was used on one of the versions.The Long and Winding Road- inspired by growing tension between the Beatles, Paul wrote and sang this
We Can Work It Out
Single (1965) written by Paul and John, changes meter, recorded during the Rubber Soul rec. session.Paperback Writer / single promoted by album cover w/ raw meat and cut up baby dolls. Paul sing lead.
Single (1966) John sings lead, features backwards vocals, b side to Paperback Writer
Strawberry Fields Forever
single / Penny Lane, mellotron (1967)
All You Need Is Love
single (1967) broadcast, features the french national anthem, their friends were featured in the sing through clapping
Hello Goodbye
single (1967) confusing lyrics about Paul's girlfriend
Hey Jude
single (1968) Paul wrote this about Julian after Cynthia Powell and Lennon's divorce, longer than the average Beatles' song
The Ballad of John and Yoko
single (1969) Inspired by the complicated lifestyle of John and Yoko, raised controversy over the words christ and crucify, recorded w/o Ringo or George.
Working Class Hero
JL (1970) inspired by Bob Dylan, from the album John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
JL (1971) raised a lot of criticism based on the lyrics, it was inspired by Yoko Ono's book: Grapefruit.
Watching the Wheels (1980)
JL inspired by his break from the music industry while he was raising his son Sean, released after his murder.
Maybe I'm Amazed
PM (1970) Paul wrote this before the Beatles broke up, it was later also released by Wings.
Give Me Love
GH (Give Me Peace on Earth) (1973) Opening track on his album Living in a Material World. This expressed how George felt about life
The Byrds
"Mr. Tambourine Man" (written by Bob Dylan, 1965) initiated the musical subgenre of folk rock debut single by the Byrds.
Bob Dylan
"Like A Rolling Stone" (1965)- the song extended from a 10 page piece of verse that Dylan had wrote, before this song Dylan said he was going to quit singing.
The Rolling Stones
"Satisfaction" (1965)- twas written by Jagger and Richards and twas the first number 1 in the US
"Season of the Witch" (1966)- Donovan taught the Beatles finger picking, one of the first psychedelic songs written by Donovan.
Chuck Berry
"Livin' in the USA" (1959)- influenced the Beatles song Back in the USSR, wrote this after returning from a trip in Australia.
The Beach Boys
"California Girls" (1965)- influenced the song Back in
John Cage
"Water Walk" (1959)
John Cage
4'33" (1952)