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Mae courtship displays one bird species are only recognized by females of the species in fire flies, males flash to attract females. each species has a different flashing pattern. this is probably an example of....

Behavioral isolation

Under the biological species concept, the main criterion for identifying a species is...

reproductive isolation

Which of the following is NOT true concerning Lamarck's theory of inheritance of acquired chararistics?

Nature selects the best adapted individuals to survive and reproduce.

What is the function of a fruit?

it helps ensure seed dispersal from the parent plant.

Which of the following plants produces sperms that swim to the egg?

rattlesnake fern

in a microrrhizal relationship a plant root has a mutually beneficial relationship

a fungus that helps obtain minerals from soil

Which of the following is involved in water movement in the plant?

presence of hydration bond, attraction of water molecules, diffusion, the evaporation of water through the stomata

Which of the following would you not use to identify a plant as a dicot?

Six petals

The amount of water and nutrients that enter a plant root is regulated by the...


Natural selection

process by which individuals that are better suited to their environment survive and reproduce most successfully; also called survival of the fittest

Charles darwin

English naturalist.Natural Selection (1859) set forth his theory of evolution

Biologist have found numerous species of honeycreepers on various hawaiian islands all apparently descended from a single ancestor species

adapted radiation

Example of postsygotic reproductive barrier

hybrid offspring of two species of birds always die before reproducing.

a Small is isolated population is more likely to undergo separation than a large one because of a small population

gene drift

Mass extinction that occurred in the past

were followed by diversification by the survivors

Glycolysis is the only metabolic pathway common to nearly all organisms to scientist this suggests that...

first appeared early in the history of life.

angiosperms are different from all other plants because they have


The person credited with being the co-discoverer of the theory of natural selection was...

Alfred Wallace

Which rose first?


Mineral uptake in plants occur by way of


Extensions of root epidermis used to increase absorption are called...

root hairs

The closest relatives of charophytes, a group of green algae, are the...


Which environment would be most likely to produce trees without annual rains?

Tropical Rain Forrests

The waxy covering of the leaf is the...


"seasonal", "Daily" and "Monthly" all describe isolation that can be termed


This statement is not correct...

Gynosperms are the simplest vascular plants

Ferns are classified as ________ plants

seedless vascular plants

the evolution of the cuticle in plants was a key adaptation to terrestrial living because it

helped the plant to avoid dying out

which group of plant lacks a vascular system?


Which is only found in only in the vascular plants?

sieve elements

Growth around the plants periphery, causing it to increase in diameter is known as _______ growth?


The number one cause of tropical deforestation worldwide is?

clearing of lands for agricultural use

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