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Identify which elements are considered surface culture and deep culture.

Surface Culture

Food - food and culinary contributions

Surface Culture

Holidays - patriotic holidays, religious observances, and personal rites and celebrations

Surface Culture

Arts - traditional and contemporary music, visual and performing arts, and drama

Surface Culture

Folklore- folk tales, legends, and oral history

Surface Culture

History - historical and humanitarian contributions, and social and political movements

Deep Culture

Ceremony - what a person is to say and do on particular occasions

Deep Culture

Courtship & marriage - attitudes toward dating, marriage, and raising a family

Deep Culture

Esthetics - the beautiful things of culture: literature, music, dance, art, architecture, and how they are enjoyed

Deep Culture

Ethics - how a person learns and practices honesty, fair play, principles, moral thought, etc.

Deep Culture

Family ties - how a person feels toward his or her family, friends, classmates, roommates, and others

Deep Culture

Health & medicine - how a person reacts to sickness, death, soundness of mind and body, medicine, etc

Deep Culture

Gesture & kinesics - forms of nonverbal communication or reinforced speech, such as the use of the eyes, the hands, and the body

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