Chapter 12A and B Review

48 terms by jonnyspitzer

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biology review

Characteristics of Fungi

Eukaryotic, heterotrophic, external digestion, cell wall composed of chitin not cellulose,

What is the process called where yeast is used in alcoholic fermentation?


Give an example of beneficial fungi?

cheeses, mushrooms, medicine (penicillin)

What is the entire mass of intertwined hyphae called?


Most fungi has asexual but also go thru sexual reproductions. What are three different types of asexual reproduction fungi go thru?

1-Forming Spores

What is the most common form of asexual reproduction?

Forming Spores

Where do we usually see budding what type of fungi?


What is it called when spores that reproduces asexual spores within on enclosure?


What is it callled when spores are not in an enclosore?


What are the filament called that make up the fungal bodies - intertwined thread?


Hyphae have 6 jobs, shape and morphology determined that. What is mycelia?

They are the masses of intertwined hyphae that are visible without magnification

What is a rhizoid?

A type of Hyphae that are embeded in the material of the fungus - kind of like a root - not a root but a root like sturcture that supports the fungi and secretes enzymes to digest food

What is a haustoria:?

A type of hyphae (of parasitic fungi only) their job is to penetrate the host cell and robs the host of cytoplasm to obtain nutrition

What is Aerial hyphae?

They are not embedded - they absorb oxygen produce spores and spread the fungi

How do aerial hyphae spread the fungi?

They are in the air - the spores are release and each spore can start a new fungi colony

What is a stolon?

Stolons are aerial hyphae that connect groups of hyphae they run horizontally

What is a sporophore?

an aerial hyphae that produces spores

What are types of sporophores?

sporangeophores - produces enclosed spores
conidiophore - produces nonenclosed spores

Sporangiophores with a sac is called?

ascus - sac that contains spores
ascospore - the individual spore with in the ascos????????

What is septate hyphae?

Hyphae that are divided into individual cells by cell walls called septa

What are septa?

The septa is a dividing plate that divides the hyphae into separate cells. Permeable and cytoplasm can go thru all the hyphae.

What is the difference between a septate hyphae and a coenocytic hyphae?

The septate hyphae are separated. The coenocytic does not have division btw cells and are multinucleate. The septate hyphae have just one nucleus in the hyphae cell.

What is dimorphism?

This is the ability of a fungi to change from a parasitic fungi to a saprophytic fungi

What is the difference btw a parasite and a saprophyte?

parasites feed of off living things and a saprophyte feeds off of dead organic material

What is the name of the largest living organism that is in Oregon? What is it?

Armillaria - huge field of mushrooms

Can fungi be plant parasites?

Yes - main job of fungi is to decompose - so can they be a parasite of a plant - yes definately. American Elm suffered from parasitic fungus Dutch Elm disease - field crops can be destroy

Are fungi our biggest competitor of foods in the plant kingdom?


Do fungi have true tissues?

No - no true tissues

What is the study of fungi called?

mycology - mycologists (people who study fungi)

Do fungi have chlorophyll?

No - they are heterotrophic








plant - growth


upon or over




to kill


to cut









dermis, derm







mouth, opening

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