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  1. denotation
  2. onomatopoeia
  3. oxymoron
  4. irony
  5. stanza
  1. a Putting two contradictory words together. Examples: liquid gas, seriously funny, minor crisis, jumbo shrimp.
  2. b the contrast between what is expected and what actually exists or happens
  3. c words that imitate sounds
  4. d The literal meaning of a word, the actual dictionary definition. Opposite of connotation.
  5. e a group of lines in a poem

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  1. a reference to another work of literature, person, or event
  2. the use of hints and clues to suggest what will happen later in a plot
  3. A figure of speech in which a writer deliberately makes a situation seem less important or serious than it is. Opposite of hyperbole.
  4. giving human characteristics to non-human things
  5. a figure of speech comparing two different things using like or as

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  1. moodHow the reader feels about the text while reading. Similar to tone


  2. symbolisma figure of speech comparing two different things using like or as


  3. imagerydescriptions that appeal to the senses (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste)


  4. assonanceThe repetition of consonant sounds, but not vowels, as in assonance.


  5. verseA line of poetry.