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Which biome has nutrient poor soils?

Woodland/shrubland biome

What are three animals that live in the woodland/shrubland biome?

Coyotes, foxes, and mountain lions

What are two plants that are in the woodland/shrubland biome?

Woody evergreen shrubs and oily herb

What biome has sparse life compared to other biomes?

Subtropical Desert Biome

What biome can support the life of a Zebratail lizard, Bactrian Camel, and a Rock Hyrax?

Subtropical Biome

How much precipitation does Subtropical Desert Biome get?

less than 100cm per year

What biome has a growing season of less than 3 months?

Boreal Forest Biome

What biome has atleast 20 cm per year to over 200 cm of precipitation a year?

Boreal Forest Biome

What are 3 examples animals that can be found in Boreal Forest Biome?

Bobcats, Elk, and Porcupine

What biome has atleast 200 cm per year to 350 cm per year of percipitation?

The Temperate Rain Forest Biome

What biome supports the life of an Indian paitbrush, Bigleaf Maple, mosses and lichens?

The Temperate Rain Forest Biome

What is the obvious element of the climate in the Temperate Rain Forest biome?


What biome has a mixture of deciducus and coniferous trees?

Temperate Seasonal Forest Biome

In the Temperate Seasonal Forest Biome the soils are rich with __________.


What are 4 examples of animals that live in the Temperate Seasonal Forest biome?

Black Bears, Bobcats, skunks and raccoons.

What is the tundra biome characterized by?

Permafrost, a layer of permanently frozen sub soil.

3 examples of plants that can be found in the tundra.

mosses, linchens and sedges

3 examples of animals that live in the tundra.

migratory waterfowl, shore bired, artic fox

How much precipitation does the temperate grassland/ desert biome receive?

50.8 to 127 cm (20-50inches) per year

what kind of animals can be found in the temperate grassland/desert biome?

giraffes, zebras, kangaroos, moles, and gophers

What two seasons do temperate grassland/deserts?

rainy and dry

How much precipitation does a tropical seasonal forest/savannah biome get?

50 cm to almost 300 cm per year

What are 3 types of animals are in the tropical seasonal forest/ savannah?

scorpion, white-throated magpie jay, and a southern white Rhino

What are 2 types of plants that can be found in the tropical seasonal forest/savannah?

Indio Desnuda, and Acacias

How much precipitation does the tropical rain forest biome recieve?

about 250 cm to 450 cm per year

where are most of the nutrients retained in tthe tropical rain forest biome?

in the soil

What are 4 types of animals that live in the tropical rain forest biome?

Gorillas,z-toed sloths, spider monkey, and orangutan

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