POLS 2301.22 - Section 4.4 Quiz: Social Movements


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One of the results of La Causa, or the movement for Mexican-American/Chicano(a) civil rights, is:
The establishment of Mexican-American/Chicano(a) studies departments at a number of universities
Which of the following statements about the women's suffrage movement is true:
After over a century of public calls for women to have the vote, in its last stages it involved mass demonstrations by women who, in some cases, suffered extremely violent treatment at the hands of the authorities.
Civil disobedience:
Draws attention to a movement or issue because of the willingness of protestors to break a law and suffer the punishment they receive.
Leaders of some social movements must find a delicate balance between:
The desires of movement activists for dramatic action that they hope will produce rapid change, and the danger of a backlash from excessive violence or conflict.
Once the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act were passed, the civil rights movement effectively ended.
No, because racism still exists, and some political leaders exploit people's racist attitudes for their own benefit.
Why do social movements often focus on abstract principles such as justice or equality?
Because these ideas are considered fundamental to American ideology, and social movements seek to attract as many people as possible to their cause.
One feature of social movements is that they:
Often require a very high level of commitment from activists, who may have to work long hours for little pay, and endure hardships including beatings and arrest.
True or false: When protestors commit acts of civil disobedience, they hope to get away with it without punishment.
Elite democrats criticize protest politics (social movements) as:
Not really representing the views of the people, just the loudest portion of it.
True or false: The civil rights movement was the first meaningful social movement in American history.
Which of the following social movement strategies was used by the United Farm Workers to get consumers to stop buying non-union lettuce and grapes?
For popular democrats, social movements allow:
People to participate directly in politics to address the failures of a political system dominated by elites.
Social movements:
Usually pursue goals that are broad and that will benefit society generally.
Why might a group circulate a petition rather than organize a demonstration?
It is easier to get people to sign a petition than to come to a demonstration, so they can get more people to voice their opinion on an issue through a petition than by holding a demonstration
Which change has the environmental movement produced?
Environmental pollution, such as smog in cities like Los Angeles, has been significantly reduced.