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Miss Campbell Causes of the Civil War

the people and laws
Compromise of 1850
It said that California would become a free state, and the Fugitive Slave Law would be passed.
Kansas-Nebraska Act
It repealed the Missouri Compromise line and allowed people in these territories to vote on whether they became a free or slave state.
Missouri Compromise
It said that Missouri would become a slave state, and Maine would become a free state.
popular sovereignty
when people can make a decision about government by voting
a person who works to end slavery
Dred Scott
was a slave who sued his master for his freedom. He had been taken into a free territory so claimed "once free, always free." The Supreme Court decided that the slave was property of his master and had no rights at all.
6. The _______________________ Line was the boundary between the North and South. It was located between Maryland and Pennsylvania.
William Lloyd Garrison
__________________________ published an abolitionist newspaper called the Liberator. He used the newspaper to tell everyone that slavery was wrong and should be abolished.
Sojourner Truth
__________________________ was the first African American woman to be an anti-slavery speaker. She lectured audiences about slavery and women's rights.
Harriet Tubman
__________________________ was an escaped slave who became one of the most successful "conductors" of the Underground Railroad
Frederick Douglass
__________________________ taught himself to read and write. He escaped slavery and became a speaker for the abolitionist movement. He also published an anti-slavery newspaper called the North Star.
Harriet Beecher Stowe
__________________________ wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, a book about the cruelty of slavery.
The ______________ states were agricultural and needed slaves to work on their plantations.
_______________ states had lots of businesses, factories, and big cities; most did not believe in slavery.
John Brown
__________________________ was an abolitionist who moved to Kansas after the Kansas-Nebraska Act. He led an attack at Harper's Ferry in Virginia hope to capture guns and lead a slave revolt.
_________________________ was the result of the growing cultural and economic differences, especially over slavery, between the North and South.
Fugitive Slave Law
The _____________________ said that any escaped slave found in the North would have to be returned to its owner.