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  1. PID
  2. Group D streptococcus pneumonia ( disease and gram stain)
  3. Clostridium perfringens disease
  4. Transmission of Normal flora E. coli
  5. Transmission of Burcella abortus
  1. a human feces to human oral
    animal feces to human oral
  2. b inflammation of the female pelvic organs (especially the Fallopian tubes) caused by infection by any of several microorganisms (chiefly gonococci and chlamydia), Pelvic inflamitory disease
  3. c passed from cattle/buffalo
    gets in through cuts, breathing it in, or ingestion
  4. d Gram positive cocci that causes pneumonia
  5. e Cause gas gangrene, myonecrosis with gas

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  1. infection that occurs while you are being treated for another infection
  2. Tic act as vectors. People who are outside a lot, hunters as well as older children are the ones who get this disease (high risk)
    1. deer/tick repelant
    2. block tick with clothing
    3. Removal of tick: pull it off skin perpendicularly
  3. Lung damage & pneumonia
  4. 1.) Expanding bullseye rash- erythema migrans rash
    * 1-2 weeks after rash fades- flu like symptoms begin
    2.) heart arrthymia, facial paralysis, meningitis, migrating pain
    3.) neuritis (inflammation of the whole brain) & arthritis
  5. It is a strict anaerobe, gram + bacillius that causes diptheria

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  1. Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS) symptomsnemolytic: lyses red blood cells
    anemia: when RBC are destroyed and platelets decrease
    Uremic: renal failure


  2. transmission of Toxic shock syndrome (staphylococcus aureus)Transmission- Nosocomical infections on wounds, surgical sites, and medical implants
    - No Symptoms
    Local: boils, colonize implants sepsis


  3. Prevention of Mycobacteria tuberculosisno toxins, it is caused by an over active immune response


  4. Colonized Infections of Staphylococcus aureusDiseases- food poisoning, colonize infections, toxic shock syndrome. facultatively anaerobic, Gram-positive coccus


  5. Transmission of Neisseria gonorrhoeaeHuman feces to Human Oral
    fingers, food, flies (carry feces)


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