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believed adults must be baptized
belief of Calvinism
John Calvin
Leader of Calvinism
Martin Luther
believed everyone with faith is equal
Where is the birthplace of the Renaissance?
Northern Italy
What did the invention of the printing press lead to?
Increased literacy and use of the "vernacular" (everyday language)
Group of believers who didn't follow the Catholic Church.
A payment made to the church to release a sinner from a penalty.
Catherine of Aragon
Henry VIII's first wife
Desiderius Eramus and Thomas Moore
According to Machiavelli, is it better to be loved or feared?
John Knox
Leader of the Presbyterians
Anne Boleyn
beheaded after she was unable to give Henry VIII a male child
What caused Henry VIII to split from the Catholic Church?
He wanted a divorce so he could remarry someone who could give him a son.
Anglican Church
Another name for the Church of England
means to set aside, usually to set aside a marriage
technique used in painting, gives depth to the art
Council of Trent
Catholic church came together to agree on the interpretation of The Bible
Focus of humanism
Human potential and achievements
Johann Gutenberg
Invented the printing press
What was the first book ever printed?
The Bible
Renaissance Man
Someone who is good in many areas
Leonardo da Vinci
considered a Renaissance Man because he was a painter, sculptor, inventor, scientist
Medici family
famous family who were considered to be patrons of the arts
Ignatius of Loyola
founder of the Jesuits