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I am now the new Emperor in ROme. WHo am I?


I was Yosef Ben Mattisyahu HaKohen

Josephus Flavius

I became the advisor and historian of the Roman Army

Josephus Flavius

I was a Jewish general in the Galil before Churban Bait II. who am i?

Josephus Flavius

"Jews in Jerusalem lay down your arms (weapons)". I told the Jews to give up to Rome.

Josephus Flavius

The Romans overpowered me and my men in Yodfat

Josephus Flavius

Yodfat is in _____


Josephus was:

Torah Loyal, a defender of the jews, and a war hero

Josephus wrote:

ANtiquities and war of the jews

how many fast days do we have today that have to do with the destruction of our temple?


Did Titus and the Romans want to burn the second Temple?


What material in the Temple easily caught on fire and brought down the entire Temple ?


Titus waited to destroy our Temple until ___ ?

Tet Biav . 9th of Av

Hashem vented his anger on __ and ___ but saved the people


i made my soldiers wait for 3 weeks to destroy Jerusalem and the Temple. who am I?


___ was murdered on the 3rd of Tishrei


G-d Destroyed the __ and let many Jews live.


____ started on the 9th of Av.

World War 1. Spanish Expulsion of Jews in 1492, Expulsion of Jews from England

The 17th of Tammuz, what does this day commemorate?

The breeching of the city walls for the second Temple occurred on that day. But we fast to include the breeching for both Temples.

What happened on the 9th of Av?

The breeching of the walls for the First Temple

Titus waited to destroy our Temple until ___?

the 9th of Av

On what date in the Jewish Calendar was the 1st and 2nd temple destroyed?

10th of Tevet

Who became the shepherd of Kalba Savua?


I refused to marry Papus Ben Yehuda. Who am I?


"Then go with him! you are no longer my daughter! you have forfeited my fatherly love! be glad I do not curse you, that I do not send you away with anathemas on your head!" Who said these words?

Kalba Savua

Papus Ben Yehuda only wanted to believe in ___ and for the rest be like Rome.

one god

Because of the extremist, there was not enough ___ in the besieged city of Jerusalem to put out the flames of the second temple.


I came from a Heathen family specifically in the family of Sisra. Who am I?


"I see that you are very zealous about the teachings from which your sex is excluded." who said these words?


"The lad hates scholars." "I hate the Rabbis" who hated the Rabbis in the beginning?


"may you always feer god, as you fear men" "If you are always conscious of G-d's omnipresence, you will never sin: every man is ashamed to do wrong in the presence of another" I told this to my students before i died. Who am I??

Yochanan Ben Zakkai

Rachel refused to consider __ as her husband.


"Go and learn, and you become a great man in Israel" Akiba was encouraged by these words that __ said to him.


"He god has never punished us as he has punished those who torment us. he has never let us perish. he has never doomed us to diel ike those nations who oppress us. if we must suffer more than other peoples, G-d has also given us the strength to bear our troubles, to endure" Who said these words?


"If i could find a wife who would stand loyally and lovingly at my side, i would not mind the privations of daily life, I would devote myself gladly and eagerly to the study of g-ds teachings, even if i do not know where to get my food and drink and raiment". Who said these words?


"Release me from your service that i may do your daughter's wish, to devote myself to the study of the Holy Teachings. that is her condition for promising to be my wife" Whose service did Akiba want to be released from?

Kalba Savua

"I love you daughter and would be happy to marry her if she were poor like me." Who was poor?


I encouraged Akiba to embrace Torah and go to learn it from the great Rabbis. Who am I?


The Jews were expelled from England for ___ On tisha Ba'Av

400 years

The __ saved whatever vessels of our second temple that they could pull out of the flames


What items were saved from the burning second temple?

Curtains, Menorah, Various vessels,

Today the vessels stolen from our second temple can be found in ___


Who built Massada?


How many Jewish slaves were forced to build the ramp up Masada?


Who was the leader of the Kenaim at Masada?

Elazar ben Yair

I was the Roman General in charge of the 10th legion. I surrounded Masada. Who am I?

Flavius SIlva

How long did it take to build the ramp up Masada?

3 years

How many Jews committed suicide in Masada?


I recorded (wrote down) the events at Masada?

Josephus Flavius

"Let our wives die un abused, our children without knowledge slavery" Who said these words?

Elazar ben Yair

"Pity the young whose bodies are strong enough to survive prolonged torture; pity the not so young whose old frames would break under such ill-usage. a man will see his wife violently carried off; he will hear the voice of his child crying "__" when his own hands are fettered


"one thing only let us spare" What did Elazar Ben Yair not want the Jews in Masada to destroy?

Food stores

__ will load up the vessels he looted from the temple and bring them to Rome.


What is a "triumph Parade?"

Marching through the streets of Rome and showing off the loot you captured from the destroyed Temple. also proclaiming the Jews in Judea are no more

The Kotel hamaaravi is ____

part of the retaining wall that held up the mountain that our temple was built on (har HaBayit)

OUr temple started to burn on the 9th of Av and continued burning through the __ of Av.


What is depicted on the Arch of Titus?

Jews carrying the kelim of the second temple through the streets of Rome

In which country did the triumph parade take place?


"i have conquered the g-d of israel in his own home, the bet hamikdash, and he was unable to stop me from doing exactly as i pleased!" Who said these words?


What is the mitzvah "ransoming Jewish hostages" called in Hebrew?

Pidyon Shviim

"the stores in rome were closed on shabbat" what does this mean?

Jews owned the stores in Rome

Today we do some things- according to the Talmud- to remember the Churban of our second temple.

Leave part of our house unplastered. When we put on jewelry leave one piece off. skip preparing one article of food in a great feast

"G-d of israel only has power on the sea: he caused a flood at the time of Noach, and he drowned the Egyptians in the sea" who said these words?


What small animal flew into the nostril of Titus?

a mosquito

Josephus was a commander of Jewish forces in Jerusalem. T/F?


Josephus became a historian and advisor to the Roman army. T/F?


Josephus told the jews in jerusalem to lay down their arms. T/F?


Josephus viewed himself as a traitor to the Jews. T/F ?


One book Titus wrote was Antiquities. T/F?


40 soldiers including Josephus decided to commit suicide in Yodfat in the Galil rather than be taken alive by the Romans. T/F?


Josephus was torah loyal. T/F?


Josephus told Titus that the Jews in Jerusalem were starving and had Sinat Chinam. T/F?


Rome used the siege towar against the Jews in Jerusalem. T/F?


Titus decided to destroy our second Temple on the same day our first temple was built. T/F?


Tzom Gedalia happened after the second temple was destroyed. T/F


Titus wanted to burn our second temple to the ground. T/F?


"God took out his anger on the Jewish people and let the second temple continue to stand" T/F ?


Kalba Savua was the brother in law of akiba. T/F?


Hyrkanus was a neighbor of Kalba savua. he also suggested that akiva work for Kalba Savua. T/F?


Akiba became the chief shepherd of kalba Savua. T/F?


Rachel was disinherited by her father because she wanted to marry Papus. T/F?


Hyrkanus had a son who became a Torah scholar. T/F?


Kalba savua wanted his daughter to marry akiba. T/F?


Keleim were removed from our burning temple by the romans. T/F?


Flavius Josephus was the chief general in charge of destroying Masada. T/F?


After the churban of our second temple, the Essenes become total Christians. T/F?


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