12 terms

WL S2 Set 4

Definition: delightful, highly pleasing
Synonym: enjoyable
Antonym: unenjoyable
Sentence: The fresh Caesar salad was a delectable start to the meal
Definition: the sediment of liquids
Synonym: residue
Antonym: supernatant fluid
Sentence: After centrifuging the test tube, the supernatant liquid was thrown away and the dregs were kept for testing.
Definition: having tastes or habits considered feminine
Synonym: womanlike
Antonym: manly
Sentence: The boy was ridiculed for being effeminate when he allowed his sister to paint his toenails.
Definition: to captivate or charm
Synonym: engage
Antonym: bore
Sentence: The audience was enthralled by the performer's talent.
Definition: understood by or belonging to the select few
Synonym: exclusive
Antonym: public
Sentence: Understanding of Calculus is esoteric in nature in the high school community.
Definition: beginning to exist or appear, in an initial stage
Synonym: developing
Antonym: developed
Sentence: He showed an incipient sense of direction as he navigated for two miles before getting lost.
Definition: wishing evil or harm on another
Synonym: evil
Antonym: kind
Sentence: The malevolent band of pirates took lots of money every time they plundered a ship.
Definition: to swoop down suddenly and grasp
Synonym: leap
Antonym: stay
Sentence: The cat pounced at its prey in order to make a successful kill.
Definition: to regard with respect
Synonym: admire
Antonym: disregard
Sentence: He was the most revered artist in the school due to his beautiful paintings.
Definition: to burn without flame or continue in a suppressed manner
Synonym: burn
Antonym: freeze
Sentence: Hate smolders inside criminals who are forced to go to prison.
Definition: thinly scattered or distributed
Synonym: dispersed
Antonym: condensed
Sentence: Gas stations are sparse as one travels down expressways in the southwestern states.
Definition: characterized by a ready and continuous flow of words
Synonym: talkative
Antonym: quiet
Sentence: The teacher became rather voluble when the class began talking about the issue about which he was most passionate.