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  1. astigmatism
  2. vestibule nerve
  3. macular degeneration
  4. vertigo
  5. otoscope
  1. a irregulat curvature of the cornea or lens that impairs refraction of a will focused image in the eye
  2. b lightened device used to examine external ear canal and eardrum
  3. c a division of the vestibulocochlear nerve
  4. d abnormal sensation of spinning; dizziness
  5. e progressive deterioration of macula lutea of retina causing loss of central visual field

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  1. refractice disorder of the eye cause by an elongated eyeball
  2. membrane that seperates the external ear canal from the middle ear
  3. refractory eye surgery that employs a microkeratome to cut off a cap of corneal tissue
  4. X linked inherited condition in which one or more ... in the cones of the retina are abnormal or missing
  5. a middle ear infection

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  1. presbycusisprogressive hearing loss associated with advanced age


  2. laser-assisted insitu keratomileusisrefractory eye surgery employing ultra short bursts of laser energy to reshape the cornea


  3. astigmatic keratotomytype of refractory eye surgery for treatment of astigmatism


  4. nyctalopiacondition caused by retinal degeneration or avitaminosis A and characterized by the relative inability to see a dim light


  5. tophicalculus like growths or deposits in tissues or around joints