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  1. Judges cycle
  2. Jonah 3
  3. Samaritans
  4. Frank Cross
  5. Cosmopolitanism
  1. a Part of the world
  2. b Continuous Cycle:
    1. Faithful in days of deliverer (2:7)
    2. Faithful generation dies (2:10)
    3. New generation does "what is evil" (2:11-13)
    4. Anger of YahWeh kindled, hands them over to their enemies (2:14-15)
    5.People cry out to YahWeh
    6. God delivers people
  3. c People who lived in the area of israel called Samaria. The Samaritans came from Jews who married non-Jews.
  4. d Separates Deuteronomistic Source into Dtr1 and Dtr2. Dtr1 saw Israel's history as a contrast between God's judgement on the sinful northern kingdom of Jeroboam I (who set up the golden calves to be worshiped) and virtuous Judah, where faithful king David had reigned and where now the righteous Josiah was reforming the kingdom. The exilic Dtr2 overwrote this with warnings of a broken covenant and inevitable punishment and exile for sinful (in Dtr2's view) Judah.
  5. e Example of inevitable doom vs. repentance:
    God may relent and change his mind (also in Mt. Sinai, the Judges cycle, and Amos 7:1-9)

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  1. Deuteronomy, Joshua, Samuel, and Kings -> It's an extended version of Israel's history from the conquest under Joshua to the destruction in 587 BC
  2. Having the same borders; prophecy and kingship in ancient Israel
  3. Jewish revolt and Jerusalem under attack by Roman army
  4. Ten Commandments
    1. do not murder
    2. do not commit adultery
    3. honor father and mother
    4. do not covet
    5. no false idols
    6. do not take the Lord's name in vain
    7. Do not lie
    8. Do not steal
    9. no other gods before God
    10. Keep sabbath holy
  5. Cyrus issued the decree of liberation to the Jews, concerning which Daniel had prayed and prophesied. The edict of Cyrus for the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem marked a great epoch in the history of the Jewish people. Repatriation

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  1. Isaiah 6:8 & 1 Kings 22Image of God calling down to someone to do a task


  2. SadduceesJewish upper class, adhered to the Torah, preserved sanctity of the temple, rejected belief in resurrection of the dead; coexisted with the Romans; others hated them for this


  3. DeuteronomyRestatement of the law of Mt. Sinai on the plains of Moab, three addresses from Moses (1:1-6)


  4. MonotheismCombinations of religious ideas and gods


  5. SeraphsMembers of the highest order of angels, often pictured with three sets of wings; Isaiah saw them in a vision of God sitting on a throne in the temple. A seraphim placed coal in Isaiah's mouth to cleanse him. Depiction of how powerful God is