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Brazil and the Rainforest

language people in Brazil speak
largest country in South America
Many different species of ....
plants and animals
native tribe of Brazil
Strangler figs
plant that wraps self around trunks and squeezes
busiest layer of the Rainforest
Amazon River
the 2nd largest river in world
Brite colors
help animals survive
South America
connected to central america and close to equator
4 Layers
# of layers in Amazon Forest
when animals use their color to help them survive from predator . It protects them
Acacia Leaves
droopy leaves found in canopy and emergent layers
birds "hang out" in this layer to find food
knotted vines rooted in forest floor. They travel up through the understory , canopy and emergent layers
plants that grow on the sides of trees in the canopy and the emergent layers
Forest floor
lowest floor of R.F. where leaf cutter ants are found
layer bwteen forest floor and canopy
Most of the rainforest plant and animal species have NOT been discovered
Brazil is NOT the only country in the world that has a rainforest
Animals plants and people live in the rainforest
Eagle and Hummingbird
2 types of birds living in amazon
makes the rainforest have warm temperatures because it is located near it
Atlantic ocean
ocean that borders Brazil
Emergent Layer
taller than 14 story building. Light and quiet; eagles birds butterflies
like a big green umbrella; hundred of feet above the ground; noisy and bright; birds , monkeys, frogs and insects, vines, flowers
Dark and busy with life; trees only 15 feet tall; cats, bats, monkeys, snakes and lizards
Dark and quiet, wet and warm; ferns and bushes, snakes insects, spiders, jaguars
area where rainforests are found
Tropic of cancer and Tropic of capricorn
2 areas in which rainforests are found bwtn
Rainforests cover about 1/3 of South America south of the equator
vegetable oils
products that come from the rainforest
When rainforests are cut down leads to....
-Fewer (scarce) and more expensive products
-forest people lose their homes/culture and can die
-Soil erosion (dried out and sour)
-Undiscovered medicines (these plants to help heal will become extinct)
-"Greenhouse Effect" - Carbon dioxide traps heat in lower atmosphere causing global warming
-burning trees leads to release of carbon dioxide and changes wind current around world
-species become extinct
-without the rainforest to soak up rain will lead to flooding and droughts
Rainforest jobs
Slash and burn farmers - clear forests to grow crops
Very big farmers - clear the forest and plant commercial crops and move slash and burn farmers into forest
Livestock herders - clear trees to plant grass for livestock to eat
loggers - cut down trees to make room for roads
firewood collectors - cut down trees to use for firewood
mining - cut down trees to make roads to get to mining spots
capital of Brazil
Brazil culture
soccer - futbol
80% Catholic
Brazil Landforms
Hills, mountains, beaches, waterfalls, Rainforest, tropical weather
Natural resources
wood, animals, plants, rubber, mining