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view of delft

jan vermeer, oil on canvas

v___ of d____

view of delft

still life with tazza

pieter claesz, oil on panel

still _____ with _____

still life with tazza


judith leyster, oil on canvas



bodhisattva avalokiteschvara

fresco on living rock

bod__att__ avalo___sch__r__

bodhisattva avalokiteschvara

parvati-shiva temple

south india

par___-sh___ _____

parvati-shiva temple

explain the difference in painting styles between the pouissinistes and the rubenistes

the pouissinistes focused more on drawing and thinking and the rubenistes focused more on color and emotions

what are the main historical developments of the netherlands in the baroque period

wealth from trade all around the world, united dutch republic is independent in 1648 and the revolution starts in 1568

what are the genres of art collected by the netherlandish middle class

landscape, still-life and portraits

what tools might vermeer have used to paint the view of delft and what evidence suggests he used this tool

camera obscura because the shadow on the boat has light beating on it

how did vermeer alter the cityscape in the view of delft and why might he have done so

the buildings are parallel with the picture plane and to make the city seem better

what is still life and what is the subtle meaning in still life paintings

depictions of food or objects and awareness of life

what is vanitas

awareness of transient of life

how did judith leyster depic herself in her self-portrait

in clothing that wouldn't be worn when painting

how does judith leyster's self portrait differ from durer's presentation or rembrandt's in their self portraits and why

she is shown in the action of painting and to show that she can make art just like a man

etching diagram

etching: acid bath, etching needle, varnish coating and metal plate. dry point: burr, dry point needle and metal plate

what did the aryans bring to india

verdic texts

what world religions took important concepts from the verdic text

buddhism, jainhism and hinduism


one dies and then is reborn



tantric buddhism

a philosophy in which females are considered powerful because they are the only ones able to force men into action

what are the four major teachings of buddhism

life is suffering, suffering is caused by ignorance, ignorance can be overcommed and the way to overcome ignorance is by following the eightfold path

what is the iconography of the sculpture of avalokiteschvara

has 3 eyes, seated on a lotus flower and has wheels under the feet and hands

what are some of the stylistic characteristics of the avalokiteschvara that are also typical of indian sculpture

high levels of decoration, shows breath in the body and body is in sensuous pose

what are some of the most crucial characteristics of hinduism

not a monotheistic religion, not a congregational religion and guru student relationship

how do hindus worship

by going to the temple to see the devas and having the devas see them

what basic ideas of hinduism are shared with buddhism and their definitions

maya: material world illusions, samsara: one dies than is reborn, karma: laws of effect, dharma: duties and obligations in life, moeksha: goal of nothingness and darsan: seeing and being seen

what are some of the main elements of the parvati-shiva temple

bathing tanks and gopuras

what are some of the stylistic characteristics of the gopuras

they aren't in the center of the walls and are highly decorated

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