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  1. quadri
  2. latissimus dorsi
  3. sebaceous glands
  4. sweat
  5. cutaneous trunci
  1. a holocrine glands that secrete sebum which lubricates the skin and hair; waterproof, provides gloss, and enhances ability to sweat
  2. b broadest muscle in the back; supports forelimb and aids in flexion of shoulder
  3. c four
  4. d attaches to the dermis; responsible for the insect repelling skin twitch in some large animals
  5. e sudiferous glands that cool the body

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  1. thicker, longer than primary, most often on face
  2. wide
  3. smooth muscles; attach to hairs on the dorsum; when stimulated they contract to raise the hair on back
  4. keratinized epithelium in center of caudal aspect of fetlock
  5. covers animals except on the muzzle and foot surfaces

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  1. insertionpoint of attachment by a muscle


  2. eccrine glandssweat glands in the ear canal; secrete cerumen (earwax)


  3. rectusgreat


  4. anal glandsin goats; found at the base of the horns; used for marking


  5. agoutisingle hairs, which have several bands of light and dark pigment with black tips