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  1. quadratus
  2. tendons
  3. abdominal muscles
  4. biceps brachii
  5. origin
  1. a external oblique, internal oblique, rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis
  2. b strong, fibrous white bands that attach muscles to bones
  3. c flexes forelimb
  4. d square
  5. e less movable of the two points of attachment of a muscle

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  1. heat energy is transmitted to surrounding area
  2. point of attachment by a muscle
  3. decreased amount of oxygen in the blood=blue color
  4. moves the eyelids
  5. wool hairs; make up the undercoat; soft, thin, wavy

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  1. vibrissaround or cylindrical


  2. melaninskin pigment; color influenced by heredity, sunlight, and hormones


  3. chestnutshornlike protrusions on the medial surface of the leg


  4. myologystudy of muscle


  5. stratum corneumgranular layer where keratinization begins


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