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  1. gastrocnemius
  2. arrector pili muscles
  3. stratum germinativum
  4. circumoral glands
  5. quadriceps femoris group
  1. a found in the lips of cats; used to mark territory
  2. b smooth muscles; attach to hairs on the dorsum; when stimulated they contract to raise the hair on back
  3. c rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, and vastus intermedius; work to extend the leg
  4. d basal layer multiplies continuously to keep up with constant loss
  5. e flexes leg and foot (calf muscle)

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  1. naturally hornless
  2. extends forelimb
  3. four
  4. thicker, longer than primary, most often on face
  5. produce oil for lubrication

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  1. secondary hairsintermediate


  2. cardiac musclestriated, involuntary


  3. anal glandscutaneous pouches on the rectum


  4. melanininner layer; thicker (corium)


  5. furpermanent structure, grows continuously, from frontal bone