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  1. stratum corneum
  2. longissimus
  3. triceps brachii
  4. arrector pili muscles
  5. cutaneous trunci
  1. a horny layer flat, dead cells which overlap; keratinization is completed here
  2. b smooth muscles; attach to hairs on the dorsum; when stimulated they contract to raise the hair on back
  3. c attaches to the dermis; responsible for the insect repelling skin twitch in some large animals
  4. d extends forelimb
  5. e long

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  1. guard hairs; make up the top coat
  2. external oblique, internal oblique, rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis
  3. naturally hornless
  4. a sheet of fibrous tissue that encloses muscles and separates them into groups
  5. moves the eyelids

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  1. transversuscrosswise


  2. horn glandscoiled structure int he dermis; produce a watery sweat on the skin surface; found in the footpads and between the nostrils


  3. gracilisdecreased amount of oxygen in the blood=blue color


  4. secondary hairsguard hairs; make up the top coat


  5. stratum germinativumbasal layer multiplies continuously to keep up with constant loss