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  1. gluteal
  2. vibrissa
  3. quadratus
  4. motor nerve
  5. hair papilla
  1. a causes muscle to move by stimulating a group of muscle fibers
  2. b square
  3. c any large tactile hair; cats whiskers
  4. d found at the base of the follicle
  5. e major group over pelvis, extends and abducts limb

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  1. wide
  2. found throughout the body; secrete strong smelling protein substance
  3. less movable of the two points of attachment of a muscle
  4. part of the spermatic of the male animals; attaches to the scrotum
  5. attaches to the dermis; responsible for the insect repelling skin twitch in some large animals

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  1. melaninskin pigment; color influenced by heredity, sunlight, and hormones


  2. transversuscrosswise


  3. circumoral glandsfound in the lips of cats; used to mark territory


  4. azygousnot paired


  5. pectoral muscle groupforms chest and adduct forelimb