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  1. hair shaft
  2. gastrocnemius
  3. vibrissa
  4. antagonists
  5. medius
  1. a intermediate
  2. b those in opposition to the prime movers, relaxing as the prime movers contract
  3. c any large tactile hair; cats whiskers
  4. d flexes leg and foot (calf muscle)
  5. e visible on the surface; found in 2 arrangements, simple and compound

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  1. spiny layer one to two cells thick; thicker on foot pads
  2. found at the base of the follicle
  3. strong, fibrous white bands that attach muscles to bones
  4. in goats; found at the base of the horns; used for marking
  5. study of muscle

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  1. ceruminous glandscoiled structure int he dermis; produce a watery sweat on the skin surface; found in the footpads and between the nostrils


  2. pollednaturally hornless


  3. scalenuslong


  4. serratuskeratinized epithelium in center of caudal aspect of fetlock


  5. teresthree