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  1. vibrissa
  2. gastrocnemius
  3. prime movers
  4. ungulates
  5. cyanosis
  1. a hoofed animals
  2. b decreased amount of oxygen in the blood=blue color
  3. c flexes leg and foot (calf muscle)
  4. d any large tactile hair; cats whiskers
  5. e those that actively produce a movement

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  1. spiny layer one to two cells thick; thicker on foot pads
  2. forms chest and adduct forelimb
  3. round or cylindrical
  4. heat energy is transmitted to surrounding area
  5. long and slender and because of their shape they are called fibers

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  1. stratum germinativumbasal layer multiplies continuously to keep up with constant loss


  2. fasciasudiferous glands that cool the body


  3. serratussawtoothed


  4. melaninintermediate


  5. trithree