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3rd Quarter COUNTY Assessment

Did FDR & Congress get along? Explain
FDR And Congress Did Not Get Along Because The Role Og Governemnet Had Changed Over Time From Laissez-Faire To More Laissez- Faire Do To Congress Demanding FDR To Do Something About The Depression && High Unemployment Rates.
What Happened during the 1st 100 days?
During The First 100 Days FDR Had A BAnk Holiday When He Closed All Banks To Prevent Withdraws, Began Having Fireside Chats To Connect With The People
What was FDR's main goal when he first became president?
FDR's Main Goal When Becomming President Was To Regain Control Of The Banks And Use Relief, Reform, And Recovery To Do So.
Why was FDR trying to "pack the supreme court"? What is this violation of?
FDR Was Trying To "Pack The Supreme Court" Because He Wanted 6 New Justices. This Was Told To Be Unconstitutional Since Violated Checks && Balances.
What is deficit spending? Tie this to FDR
What region of the US did it occur?
The Dust Bowl Occured In The Great Planes Region.
What was its affect on society?
The Affect On Society Was That Most People Had To Move West do to devistation (sp) Of Their Homes. Caused Droughts And Bad Soil For Famers Crops.
Charles Coughlin
.Charles Coughlin- Wanted To Guarante Annual Income && Nationazation Of Banks.
Dr.Francis Townsend
Dr. Francis Townsend- Fely FDR Wasnt Doing Enough For The Poor And Elderly
Huey "The king fish" long
Huey Long- A Socialist Who Wanted To Promote The "Share Our Wealth" So All People Are Equal.
Which one helped business?
. An Angency that helped businesse would be the NRA
Which one targeted the youth?
. an agency that targeted the youth is the SSA or CCC
Which one was unconstitutional?
Which was directly responsible for creating new jobs?
. Agency that directly responsible for creating new jopbs was the CCC
Which one created to bring electricity to rural?
Agnecy that was created to bring electricity to rural areas was the TVA
What was US foreign policy before we entered the war? why?
US foreign policy beofre we entered the war was isolationist since we didnt wany to get into another war since we just got out of one and still getting over it.
Difference between communism and fascism?
Communism- when the government takes control of the prices and businesses but all is equal.
Fascism- wanted free market, a party that rose to power in Italy that focused on nationalism
Who were fascist?
the fasicst wa sthe people in Italy lead by Mussolini
Japanese Americans
African Americans
African Americans segregated in some areas even though had laws passed. There were race riots had a lot of miltary discrimination, they were seperated from other troops. Hasd an exectutive order 8802 put into plaace banning discrimination in all governement agencies.
Women- took over male jobs to help out the war effort. Men shunned women for taking there jobs. rosie the riveter: women that worked in factories.
Manhattan Project
a group incharge of developing and testing the atomic bomb.
important leader of this gropu created the two bombs
little boy- uranium bomb
fat man- plutanium bomb