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irregular verbs spanish 1 conjugation

conocer conozco
to know/ be familiar with / person/place/pets
dar doy
to give
decir digo dices dice dicimos dicen
to say/tell
entretener entretengo entretienes entretiene entretenemos entretienen
to entertain
hacer hago
to do/make
mantener mantego
to maintian
ofrecer ofrezco
to offer
poner pongo
to put/place/set
saber sé
to know imformation/facts/how to do something
salir salgo
to leave
seguir sigo sigues sigue seguimos siguen
to follow/continue
suponer supongo
to suppose
tener tengo tienes tiene tenemos tienen
to have
traer traigo traes trae traemos traenen
to bring
venir vego vienes viene venimos vienen
to come
ver veo ves ve vemos ven
to see
estar estoy estás está estamos están
to be temperary
to like
ir vas va vamos van
to go
oír oigo oyes oye oímos oyen
to hear
ser soy eres es somos son
to be permanant
merendar e to ie
to have a snack
cerrar e to ie
to close
comenzar e to ie
to begin/start
empezar e to ie
to begin/ start
entender e to ie
to understand
pensar e to ie
to think
pensar en e to ie
to think about
pensar + infin e to ie
to intend / plan
perder e to ie
to lose
preferir e to ie
to prefer
querer e to ie
to want/ love
nevar e to ie
to snow
defender e to ie
to defend
sentar e to ie
to sit
sentir e to ie
to regret
competir e to i
to compete
pedir e to i
to ask for / order
repetir e to i
to repeat
servir e to i
to serve
almorzar o to ue
to have lunch
contar o to ue
to count / tell
costar o to ue
to cost
devolver o to ue
to return an item
dormir o to ue
to sleep
encontrar o to ue
to find / meet
llover o to ue
to rain
morir o to ue
to die
mostrar o to ue
to show
poder o to ue
to be able to / can
recordar o to ue
to remember
volver o to ue
to return (person)
conjugar u to ue
to conjugate
jugar u to ue
to play a sport/game
no tener razón
to be wrong
tener (mucha) hambre
to be hungry
tener (mucha) prisa
to be in a (big) hurry
tener (mucha) sed
to be (very) thirsty
tener (mucha) suerte
to be (very) lucky
tener (mucho) calor
to be (very) hot
tener (mucho) cuidado
to be (very) careful
tener (mucho) frío
to be (very) cold
tener (mucho) miedo(de)
to be (very) scard/ afraid(of)
tener (mucho) sueño
to be (very) sleepy
tener ganas de + infin
to feel like doing something
tener razón
to be right
to be ... years old
acabar de + infin
to have just done something
hay que + infin
one must do something
ir a + infin
to be going to do something
tener que + infin
to have to do something