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Which one of the following is a demand option for sales and operations planning?

Offer complementary products or services with contra cyclical demand requirements.

The lowest planning level in a sales and operations plan is:


Companies perform aggregation along three dimensions:

products / services, labor, time.

Which one of the following statements about managerial inputs to production and staffing plans is best?

Human resources provide the training capacity and labor-market conditions.

A sales and operations plan for a manufacturing firm that centers on manufacturing rates and inventory holdings is:

a production plan.

Which one of the following conditions favors a level strategy for manufacturing firms?

Highly automated equipment and a make-to-stock strategy

Which one of the following statements about sales and operations planning is best?

When a firm wants to emphasize stability in its workforce, it should adopt a level production-planning strategy.

Which one of the following statements concerning supply options is best?

Subcontracting can help overcome short-term capacity shortages by offloading work on other producers.

A customer is given a due date for their product order with:


Which one of the following statements is best?

Demand options adjust demand patterns, whereas supply options change in response to changes in demand.

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