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What is the Historical Background of Animal Farm?

A Revolution betrayed & a basis of the 1917 Russian Revolution

Who was Karl Marx?

Born in 1818 died in 1883
Socialist Philosopher

What did he predict?

That a Revolution would occur between the Working class and the Capitalists

How did Marx predictions compare to Animal Farm?

Old Major speeches are basic principals of Marx's theories
Animals represent Humans and Humans represent Capitalists

Who was Lenin?

Born in 1870 died in 1924
Leader of the Communist Party (White Army)
in the Civil War
Takes control over New government in Russia for 4 years

Who was Trotsky?

Born in 1879 died in 1940
Leader of the Red Army in the Civil War

What happened during World War I?

In 1914, Welhelm II was about to capture Petrogreed (where trade is controlled)
Lenin stops him by signing a treaty which is costly to Russia
Russia & German become Allies
Lenin dies in 1924 and his body is put in a glass coffin

What does Lenin's death symbolize in Animal Farm?

Old Major's skull when he dies

What happens during World War I after Lenin dies?

Trotsky & Stalin fight over control of the Communist party

Describe Stalin.

Strong socialist statue in Russia
Has a group called, The Cominturn, they spread propaganda
Exiles Trotsky and convinces everyone that he's a trader

Describe Trotsky.

Rapid Industrialization & concentrates on trade

What happens in 1936?

The Socialist government take control of Spain
The Spanish Civil War

Describe the Spanish Civil War.

Working Class led army against Franco

Describe Franco's position.

Franco was supported by Nazi Germany
Socialists against him
People accused Russia of betraying the spirit of Socialism

What actions do Stalin make?

Continues to get more power and abuse Working class such as Russia
Didn't support common people
Established Moscow Trials

What were the Moscow Trials?

Stalin's secret police would arrest high-ranking military people, accuse them of treason then shooting them
This made the world look at him in a good way

What major changes does Stalin make?

Switches alliances with England to Nazi, Germany
Stalin signs Non-Aggression treaty with Hitler in 1940

What happens after the signing of a Non-Aggression treaty between Russia and Nazi, Germany?

In 1941, Hitler invades Russia
Russia returns back to alliances with Germany

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