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To whom was the Gospel of Luke written?


What does Theophilus mean?

"Friend of God"

The first three words in Genesis, John and 1st John

"In the beginning"

How much of what was made was done by the work of Jesus?

All things

What does John say was in Jesus?


John is the only gospel to refer to Jesus as what?

The light

What reception did Jesus have from the world?

The world did not recognize him

What right do believers in Jesus' name receive?

The right to become children of God

What came from Moses

The Law

What came through Jesus Christ?

Grace and truth

How many people have seen God?

No one

How is the uniqueness of God described?

God the One and Only

With whom does the genealogy in Matthew start?


Which of Jesus' ancestors is mentioned first in Matthew?


How far back does the genealogy in Luke go?

To Adam and God

The one thing the women mentioned in Matthew's genealogy have in common:

They all seem to be Gentiles

How is Joseph described in Matthew's genealogy?

The husband of Mary

Whose genealogy do we think Matthew's is?


Whsoe genealogy do we think Luke's is?


Who is the Herod mentioned in Luke 1:5?

Herod the Great

What was the name of John's father?


What was the name of John's mother?


John's parents were both of what tribe?


What did Zechariah and Elizabeth have no children?

Elizabeth was barren

Of what priestly division was Zechariah?


What was Zechariah chosen by lot to do?

Burn incense in the temple

What was Zechariah's reaction when he saw the angel?

He was gripped with fear

What was the first thing the angel said to Zechariah?

"Do not be afraid"

What was one thing the angel said John was never to do?

Take wine

What Old Testament vow do we think John was under?

The Nazirite Vow

What was Zechariah doubtful of what the angel said?

He was old

What happened to Zechariah because he doubted?

He could not speak

What did the people realize when Zechariah came out of the temple?

He had seen a vision

How long did Elizabeth seclude herself after she became pregnant?

Five months

Where did the parents of John the Baptist live?

In the hill country of Judea

Where did Mary live?


What was the angel's name who came to see Zechariah and Mary?


What did the angel say to Mary after greeting her?

"Do not be afraid."

What did the angel tell Mary she would do?

Give birth to a son

What did the angel tell Mary her son would do?

Reign over the house of Jacob forever

Why did Mary say what the angel had said was not possible?

She was a virgin

By whom did the angel tell Mary she would become pregnant?

By the Holy Spirit

What was another thing the angel told Mary?

Elizabeth was pregnant

What did Mary do after the appearance of the angel?

She traveled to see Elizabeth

What happened when Elizabeth heard Mary's greeting?

Her baby leaped in her womb

What did Elizabeth call Mary?

The mother of my Lord

How long did Mary stay with Elizabeth?

Three months

What did the neighbors was to call Elizabeth's baby at his circumcision?


Who was the first person to say the baby's name was to be John?


How did Zechariah indicate the baby's name?

Writing it on a tablet

What happened after Zechariah indicated the child's name?

His tongue was loosed

Where did John live when he grew and became strong in spirit?

In the desert

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