Public Service Government Positions for 2012

26 terms by firestarwarrior

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Barack Obama

Vice President

Joe Biden

Senators (2, seperate with comma)

Dan Coats, Richard Luger

Representatives (1)

Dan Burton

Supreme Court Chief Justice

John Roberts

Speaker of the House

John Boehner

House Majority Whip

Kevin McCarthy


Mitch Daniels

Lieutenant Governor

Becky Skillman

State Senators

Travis Holdman

State Representatives

Kevin Mahan

Attorney General

Greg Zoeller

Superintendant of Public Instruction

Tony Bennett

Mayor (Gas City)

H. Larry Leach

Mayor (Jonesboro)

Terry Poling

Clerk-Treasurer (Gas City)

Julie Flores

Clerk-Treasurer (Jonesboro)

Kathy McGillem

Council Member (Ward 1)

Larry Terwillegar

Council Member (Ward 2)

James Richards

Council Member (Ward 3)

Donald R. Clark

Council Member (Ward 4)

David Huffman

Council Member (At-Large)

Mike Planck

School Board (President)

David Linn

School Board (Vice President)

Dennis Banks

School Board (Secretary)

Charles Fisher

School Board Members (seperate with commas)

George Armes, Mike Crouch, Chris Cunningham, Wayne Gaskin, Martin Harker

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