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  1. Written Laws
  2. Assembly
  3. Hadrian
  4. Monarchy
  5. 12 Tables
  1. a Emperor who built wall to keep barbarians out of the Emperor
  2. b Made laws fair for all
  3. c Group of citizens elected or chosen to make laws
  4. d Laws written down to make application more fair for everyone
  5. e Government replaced by Romans because the king was a tyrant

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  1. Senate and assemblies provided structure in early Roman Republic
  2. Violent leader like the one the Romans dethroned to make the Republic
  3. What Julius Caesar became, thus beginning the end of the Republic
  4. a skilled public speaker
  5. System of law based on written rules

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  1. AeneasTrojan hero who supposedly settled in Italy


  2. JudgesTrojan hero who supposedly settled in Italy


  3. Checks and BalancesCarthaginian general in 2nd Punic War; invaded Italy with elephants


  4. AugustusTrojan hero who supposedly settled in Italy


  5. Julius CaesarGeneral who began the end of the Republic by becoming dictator for life; assassinated in 44 B.C.


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