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Various titles and descriptions of books

The Chicken and the Dragon by Arthur C. Franklin. This is the story of a dragon who helps a chicken remember his way home.


The Planets by Peter Starling. This book describes the planets in our solar system. Descriptions and pictures of each planet are included.


When Will This Cruel War Be Over? by Barry Denenberg. This is the story of a girl and her family who might have lived in Virginia in the 1800's during the Civil War and how their lives would be changed forever.


Explorers Go to America by James Boatright. This book gives the routes the explorers took to America. Maps and illustrations are given.


Dogs and Their Owners by Roger Leisfeld. This book describes the types of ways to train your dog.


6. The Sneaker Mystery by Arnold Shreve. This is just one more story by Arnold in his mystery series. In this story, a sneaker has gold shoelaces. Where is the hidden treasure? Arnold solves the case.


The Day of the Rabbit by John Carver. This is the story of a lonely bunny's adventure with a small boy.


Learning French by Linda Langhorne. This book tells how to learn the French language.


The History of California by William Slater. This is the complete history of the state of California.


Cookies for Sale by Charles Chambers. This is a story of a young boy who makes $5,000 selling cookies at his sidewalk booth with the help of a friendly ghost.


Horses! by Richard Saddle. This tells the history of the horse in America.


The Great Turtle Race by Edward Shelton. This story tells about a small town's daylong turtle race and the excitement of the winning turtle.


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