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hand maid 12

Who looks longingly up at Offred sitting by her window one night?
"That's what you have to do before you kill, I thought. You have to create an _______ where none was before."
"The ______ of God run over all the earth."
"A little _______ cleans out the mind [Aunt Lydia would] say. What we prayed for was EMPTINESS, so we would be worthy to be filled."
What did Offred pray that God might provide for the handmaids (because they could make their own hell.)
"The Fall [in the Garden of Eden] was a fall from innocence to __________."
What race of people were allowed to immigrate if they did not wish to convert to the religion of Gilead?
What is the password for the resistance group?
a doctor
Who fathered Ofwarren's baby?
Who does Serena suggest could impregnate Offred (without telling the Commander)?
her daughter
Who does Serena offer to try to get a picture of for Offred?
a cigarette
What does Serena put in Offred's hand at the end of their talk in the yard?
an ice cube
What does Rita offer Offred after she gives her a match?
When Offred says (of course, she's lying) that she has no opinion about how things work in Gilead, the Commander, knowing how she must really feel, says: "You can't make an omelet without breaking _______."
What flowers/weeds did Offred and her daughter use to make necklaces, crowns, and rings?
a "shredder"
Did Janine's baby, Angela, turn out to be a normal, healthy baby or a "shredder"?
Chemistry Lab
Where in the Red Center do they take handmaids and shoot them if they "go too far away" in their minds?
The main event at the Prayvaganza was Wives presenting their ____________ as wives to 20 Angels.
What did Offred tell the Commander they had overlooked when planning Gilead?
Sometimes a Prayvaganza is held for a ____ who recants her vows of celibacy. (Celibacy of any female is a huge threat to the Gileadean totalitarian order, which is built on sexual control of all women by men.)
Who else besides Nick knows that Offred is seeing the Commander alone?
the Marthas
What network of women got the Polaroid picture of Offred's daughter for Serena?
For her daughter, Offred has become a "shadow of a shadow, as ______ mothers become."
The Commander gives Offred a skimpy outfit decorated with sequins and feathers and takes her "out" for the evening. If asked, Offred is to say that she is an evening ______________.