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English Final Notes

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1. We want to be distinctively American and not copy European art
2. Not super feminine; we want to be manly
3. Harsh reality (in your face approach of death); doesn't beat around the bush but is instead very direct.
4. Nature/land/scenery/natives/slaves; talks about not going to your grave as a slave; main element in american art is scenery; esthetic qualities of nature; romanticism is happening in Europe at this time which is influencing the America's; (Tended to favor emotions over rationality; appeals to emotions to get you to do something (evoke something); interested in things metaphysical not grounded in one particular faith interested in spiritual matters though; European publishers are publishing Asian philosophy and test so these American writers are reading these works and incorporating these thoughts into their works and interpretations of the world); romantic movement hops over Atlantic and starts in America with a new twist; (focus on scenery [ornamentation for your grave and it's free]; death is a manly subject [in your face]; reference to slaves; Bryant says no matter how powerful you are or where you come from we all end up in the same place [death is the great leveler]; you will dies just like everyone else on the planet; there is no special treatment when it comes to death; there is not place you can go where someone has not died; the idea of death as a great leveler is not new but it takes a new idea; America is promoting democracy [democracy in Europe thought democracy in America cannot do anything great because it's just common people arguing until they find something they can agree on which won't be much]; Teleology: all things come to an end for some reason