16 terms


Block grants
federal funds given to the states in lump sums
categorical grants
federal grants for specific purposes, such as building an airport
Commerce clause
Clause stating that Congress can regulate interstate and international commerce.
Concurrent Powers
powers that are shared by both the federal and state governments
Confederal System
an organization of states in which the states keep most of the power
Cooperative federalism
The situation in which the national, state, and local levels work together to solve problems.
the transfer of powers and responsibilities from the federal government to the states
dual federalism
The doctrine that both state and national governments are supreme in their respective spheres
Elastic Clause
a clause that allows Congress to stretch the use of its powers when needed
Enumerated Powers
powers given to the national government alone
Federal mandate
A federal order imposed upon the states to meet a goal of the federal government
Interstate compact
an agreement between two or more states
Picket-fence federalism
a model of federalism in which specific programs and policies involve all levels of government
Police power
state power to enact laws promoting health, safety, and morals
Supremacy Clause
federal law is supreme over state law; law of the land
Unitary system
a government that gives all key powers to the national or central government