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2 3-carbon ring pyruvic acids

in glycolysis, glucose is broken down into what


what does glycolysis produce?

2 ATP, 6 CO2, 8 NADH and 2 FADH2.

what are produced during krebs cycle


what is produced by picking up electrons and hydrogens in Glycolysis

6 H20 and 34 ATP

what is produced during electron transport change

10 NADh and 2 FADH2

what enters the cristae bringing electrons and hydrogen atoms in electron transport change

adenosine diphosphate

what is 38 ADP in cellular respiration?


what electrons are passed down a series of electron carriers during electron transport change, what is produced on the cristae

break bonds

release energy

C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 38PO4 + 38ADP >> 38 ATP + 6H20 +6CO2

formula for cellular respiration

cell plasma

where does glycolysis occur

cellular respiration

series of energy transfers or exchanges from one molecule to another as glucose and oxygen

cellular respiration

glucose is the preferred energy source for ATP production in a reaction called

citric acid cycle

another name for krebs cycle


small organic molecules that provide no nutrient energy but are needed for metabolism

convert glucose or produce ATP

Keto acids can be converted to _______ or enter the krebs cycle to produce ___


proteins undergo what?


what are passed down a series of electron carriers during electron transport change

electrons and hydrogens

what do coenzymes pick up

electron transport change

this reaction or process occurs in the cristae of mitochondria

form bonds

store energy


what is C6H12O6?


preferred energy source for ATP production in a reaction

glycerol and fatty acids

_________ and ____________ can be converted to glucose for cellular respiration

glycerol and fatty acids, ATP

_________ and ____________ can enter the krebs cycle and produce ____


an anaerobic process


this reaction occurs in every cell in the body; occurs in the plasma or cytoplasm


a reaction that splits glucose


splitting of glucose


a reaction in which glucose is broken down into (2) 3-carbon pyruvic acids (pyruvate)

glycolysis, krebs cycle and Electron Transport change

what are the 3 main sets of reactions involving cellular respiration

krebs cycle

this reaction or process occurs in the matrix of mitochondria

krebs cycle and electron transport change

aerobic process or reaction


what are the 2 coenzymes


the final electron acceptor producing water


what is 6O2 in cellular respiration?


what is 38PO4 in cellular respiration?


coenzymes are derived from what

water and carbon dioxide

when glucose and oxygen are broken down to produce ATP, ______ and ________ are produced as waste

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