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Lightfoots Sociology Final

Combination of previous test for final "Racial and Ethnic Groups" the thirteenth edition, for Dr. Lightfoots Soci 2501
Fear or hatred of strangers is:
Sinophobes are people with:
a fear of anything associated with China
Based on the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act:
for now, legal immigrants are entitled to welfare and social security benefits
From a (an) ____ perspective, by paying low wages to illegal immigrants, employers are able to produce goods and services that are profitable and affordable:
have lower divorce rates than natives
The Gentelemen's Agreement of 1908 effectively halted:
Japanese immigration
What is nativism?
beliefs and policies favoring native born citizens over immigrants
Which of the following statements about early immigration in the U.S. is true?
Roman Catholics were viewed with suspicion, labor unions excluded Chinese workers, native born residents thought that too many Italians were immigrating, ALL OF THESE
Which Which of the following statements about the 1920's quota system is true?
The system was deliberately weighted in favor of immigrants from Northern Europe
Which ciites have the most foreign born residents?
Los Angeles, New York and San Jose
Boola was a sterotype of:
Hungarian immigrants
What is an asylee?
a person who has already entered the country and cannot return home due to persecution or fear of persecution
Most illegal immigrants come to the U.S. to:
join their families
Research on the principle of the third-generation interest indicates that grandchildren of immigrants are likely to want to:
study their ancestor's language, learn about their ethnic group's history, and visit their ancestor's homeland, ALL OF THESE ARE TRUE
Every year Americans of Irish descent celebrate St. Patrick's Day by attending parades, dressing in green, eating traditional Irish foods, and singing Irish ballads. Herbert Gans called this____.
symbolic ethnicity
_____is the largest single source of ancestry of people in the United States today:
In terms of the proportion of college graduates, the least educated religious group is:
Secessionist minorities are groups that:
reject assimilation
Which of the following statements about Irish ethnicity is true?
St. Patricks Day parties and parades were exported from America to Ireland in the 20th century
When the Irish immigrated to America during the Potato Famine, they:
encountered an emerging nativism
The number of Native Americans north of the Rio Grande in 1500 is estimated to have been about
10 million
The Indian Claims Commission was a significant development becaue it meant that tribal people
had a procedure to bring suit against the federal government
The Termination Act of 1953
resulted in the withdrawl of basic services such as road repair and medical care
Which of the following describe pan-Indianism?
intertribal social movements, several tribes which are joined by political goals unite and several tribes unite in a common identity, ALL OF THESE
Nationwide, unemployment of Native Americans is at
The___ has the authority to determine who qualifies as "Indian" in the quest for tribal sovereignty
federal government
The most encouraging development in the higher education of Native Americans has been in the recent growth of
tribal community colleges
Today, most American Indians' preference for self-identification is to use
their tribal affiliation
Those who participate in traditional Navajo ways of life
are just as successful in school
Agreements that prevent certain minority group members from purchasing housing in a particular neighborhood are called
restrictive covenants
Army training camps for___were racially intergrated.
the Korean Conflict
Striking down de jure school segregation in the 1950's was
Brown v. Board of Education
When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a public bus to a White man, she was engaging in
civil obedience, an illegal action, and nonviolent direct action, ALL OF THESE
Martin Luther King, Jr.'s approach included all of the following EXCEPT
passive acceptance of injustice
Evidence that Black rioters of the 1960's included middle-class, working-class, and educated members of the community, served to discredit
the riff-raff theory
The Black Panther party was organized by
Huey Newton and Bobby Seale
The conscious experience of a negative discrepancy between legitimate expectations and present actualities is called
relative deprivation
Today in Topeka, Kansas, the site of the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education case
the schools are still racially segregated
All of the following are true according to Afrocentric perspective EXCEPT
African culture should become less and less important to Black Americans
Antislavery advocates, including Whites and free Blacks, were called
Which of the following statements is true about Arabs and Muslims?
most Muslims are not Arabs, most Arabs Americans are not Muslim and the Arab American and Muslim American communities are among the most rapidly growing subordinate groups in the U.S. ALL OF THESE
The single most unifying force among Arabs is
the Arabic language
The large majority of Muslims in America are
African American
Louis Farrakhan's teachings condemn which of the following?
A unique development in the history of Arab immigration has been the growth and continuing vibrancy of an Arab community in
Dearborn, MI
Which of the following statements is true about gender, marriage, and Islam?
traditionally, Islam permitted men to have multiple wives only if they could economically and emotionally support their wives.
A range of negative feelings toward Muslims and their religion that ranges from generalized intolerance to hatred is
Surveys conducted since 2001 show___ believe a number of anti-Muslim stereotypes such as the idea that Islam teaches violence and hatred.
Orientalism refers to
a simplistic view of the people and history of the Orient without recognition of cultural diversity and change.
Arab retail centers can be found in all of the following EXCEPT
Dayton, OH
In which of the following ways are Arab Americans diverse?
time of arrival to the U.S., a rich variety of religious traditions, and point of origin, ALL OF THESE
Among people identifying themselves as Arab American, the largest single source of ancestry was
Christianity and Islam are alike in all of the following EXCEPT
both view Jesus as the son of God.
In countries that are predominantly Muslim, the
seperation of religion and the state is not seen as necessary.
Typically, jihad means which of the following to Muslims?
an internal struggle for spiritual purity
There are large percentages of Muslim Americans who are
South Asian, African American, and Arab, ALL OF THESE
Muslim Americans form their identity by brining together their
faith, homeland, and the U.S.
African Americans count for___ of all converts to Islam in the U.S.
Who was Muhammad, according to Muslims?
the last in line of prophets
___was highly critical of the civil rights movement in general and of Martin Luther King Jr., in particular.
Malcolm X
The number of eligible hispanic voters is expected to___in the next few decades.
increase significantly
Money sent out of the U.S, by Mexican workers is called
Terms such as mulatto and mestizo refer to
the color gradient
One exception to the lack of possitive Latino roles in American entertainment media is
Dora' the Explorer
Multilingual elections ballots
were required by federal law since 1975
The areas of common culture along the border between Mexico and the United States is referred to as
Foreign companies who operate in Mexico, yet are exempt from Mexican taxes, are
Over 40% of the 700,000 new maguiladora jobs created in the 1990's were eliminated by 2003 in favor of cheaper labor in____
The largest hispanic group in the United States after Mexican-Americans and Puerto Ricans is
Hometown clubs
maintain ties to Latin American towns and fund improvements there
Prisoners, mental patients, and drug addicts were sent to the U.S. in 1980 from
The freedom flotilla refers to
the third wave of immigration from Cuba to the U.S.
The color gradient in Central and South America refers to
skin color
Among the factors that distinguish Central and South Americans in the United States from each other is
language, skin color, and social class, ALL OF THESE
From 1978, war and economic chaos in___prompted many to seek refuge in the U.S.
El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, ALL OF THESE
Ricardo immigrated to the U.S. from Cuba in 1980 and faced discrimination from the Cubans already living in Miami, where he settled. This could be an example of
panethnicity, hometown clubs, the wet foot dry-dry foot policy, NONE OF THESE
Latino immigrants who serve in the U.S. Military
can sponsor relatives' immigration applications, become citizens posthumously, may become citizens at the end of service, ALL OF THESE
How do Mexicans who live in Mexico benefit from the immigration of their family members and neighbors?
remittances of dollars, donations from hometown clubs, sponsorship, ALL OF THESE
It is estimated that remittances total approximately___annually.
$24 billion dollars
Which of the following states is home to the largest number of hispanics