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Civil rights act of 1964

This act made racial, religious, and sex discrimination by employers illegal and gave the government the power to enforce all laws governing civil rights, including desegregation of schools and public places.

Voting Rights Act of 1965

Eliminated literacy tests and made it so that federal officials could overrule state officials in registering voters

Selma March

March in Selma that was lead by MLK Jr. and was used to fight for less segregation

De Facto segregation

segregation (especially in schools) that happens in fact although not required by law (North)

De Jure segregation

segregation that is imposed by law (South)

Urban Riots

Violent riots in urban city Gehttos where Afircan Americans would fight for their rights

Malcolm X

2nd most known civil rights leader. Would fight back if attacked and took a more violent aproach to gaining civil rights.

Black Power

More pride in culture and past of African Americans

Black Panthers

Political group that was strong and tried to help stop police butality.

Civil Rights Act of 1968

this law banned discrimination in housing, the segregation of education, transprotation, and employment, it helped African Americans gain their full votin rights.

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