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Q&A 1.3

Why does the U.S hold a census every ten years?
The U.S holds a census every ten years so that the governement can keep track of how many people are in our country, how many immigrants there are from each country, the growth of the U.S, and how many State Representatives can be elected from each state.
How did the U.S population grow?
The U.S population greatly grew in 1790-1830. Many families were known to have many children and they had part in the growth. However many immigrants cam to the U.S aswell during this time.
What is the U.S population like today?
The U.S population continues to grow rapidly. Immigrants, mainly from Mexico, made the population increase, but there are quotas on the amount of immigrants in the U.S. The population of the U.S isn't growing as fast as it did due to families having less children.
Where do the people of the U.S live?
The people of the U.S live in rural areas, urban areas, suburbs, and metropolitan areas.
Why is the U.S population age older than it used to be?
More americans are having less children so there arnt as many younger people as there are older people.