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Protestant Reformation

Sixteenth century religious reform movement begun by Martin Luther


English Calvinists who sought a thorough cleansing from within the Church of England.


Radical Calvinists who considered the Church of England so corrupt that they broke with it and formed their own independent churches

Mayflower Compact

The shipboard agreement by the Pilgrim Fathers to establish a body politic and submit to majority rule.


Puritans' term for their belief that Massachusetts Bay had an agreement with God to become a holy society.

Dismissal of Parliament

Charles I's political action of 1629 that led to persecution of the Puritans and the formation of the Massachusetts Bay Company.

Fishing & Shipbuilding

The two major nonfarming industries of Massachusetts Bay.


Anne Hutchinson's heretical belief that the truly saved not obey human or divine law.


Common fate of Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson after they were convicted of heresy in Massachusetts Bay.

Praying Towns

Villages where New England Indians who converted to Christianity were gathered

King Philip's War

Successful military action by the colonies united in the New England Confederation.

Glorious Revolution

English revolt that also led to the overthrow of the Dominion of New England in America.

Hudson River Valley

River valley where vast estates created an aristocratic landholding elite in New Netherland and New York.


Required, sworn statements of loyalty or religious belief, resisted by Quakers.


Common activity in which the colonists engaged to avoid the restrictive, unpopular Navigation Laws.

Martin Luther

German monk who began Protestant Reformation

John Calvin

Reformer whose religious ideas inspired English Puritans, Scotch Presbyterians, French Huguenots, and Dutch Reformed


Wampanoag chieftain who befriended English colonists


Small colony that eventually merged into Massachusetts Bay

Massachusetts Bay Colony

Colony whose government sought to enforce God's law on believers and unbelievers alike

John Winthrop

Promoter of Massachusetts Bay as a holy "city upon a hill"

Great Puritan Migration

Mass flight from the persecutions of Archbishop Laud and Charles I

General Court

Representative assembly of Massachusetts Bay


Dominant religious group in Massachusetts Bay Colony


Religious group persecuted in Massachusetts and New York but not in Pennsylvania

Anne Hutchinson

Religious dissenter convicted of the heresy of antinomianism

Roger Williams

Radical founder of the most tolerant New England colony.

King Philip

Indian leader who waged an unsuccessful war against New England

Peter Stuyvesant

Conqueror of New Sweden who later lost New Netherland to the English

William Penn

Founder of the most tolerant and democratic of the middle colonies

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