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goal of treatment for POAG

-halt further visual loss
-halt further optic nerve damage

decreasing aqueous production; increasing outflow

glaucoma medications decrease intraocular pressure by .................. or ....................


the most common nonselective beta blocker given to decrease IOP


the most commonly used topical adrenergic agonist (alpha-2) to decrease IOP


the most commonly used prostaglandin analog drug used to decrease IOP


glaucoma can be controlled but not......

angle-closure glaucoma high risk groups

-hyperopic patients
-positive family history of angle closure glaucoma

acute glaucoma symptoms

-severe ocular pain
-blurred vision
-halos around lights
-nausea and vomiting

acute angle-closure glaucoma

this is an ocular emergency! every hour you wait, it will get worse!

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