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*Human Body Fluids as follow*
-Vaginal Secretions
-Cerebrospinal Fluids
-Synovial Fluids
-Pleural Fluid
-Pericardial Fluid
-Peritoneal Fluid
-Amniotic Fluid
-Saliva in Dental Procedures
-Any thing that might look like body fluids or body fluids that contain some blood.
-Any unfixed tissue or orgain
-Anything that is infected or contains HIV
Group 5 RMWAnimal WasteGroup 6 RMWIsolation WasteGroup 8 RMWOtherGroup 9 RMWChemotherapy Trace WasteCollection/Segregation-Separate at point of origin -label with universal biohazard symbol and the word BIOHAZARD, or red in colorStorage of Non-pathological RMW shall not exceed ______.-7 daysRMW storage areas should be?-Labled RMW and BIOHAZARD sign -prevent pest access -allow for easy cleaningPathological waste Storage?-must be refrigerated -if stored more than 24 hours must be frozen -Frozen storage can not exceed 30 daysGroup 1: Cultures, Stocks, Vaccines-cultures and stocks of infectious agents -devices used to transfer, inoculate, and mix cultures -live and attenuated vaccines ***note, full vials of live vaccines should be returned to pharmacy***Group 2: Pathological Waste-human tissues, organs, body parts, teeth, body fluids from surgeryGroup 3: Blood and Blood Products-free flowing human blood, plasma, serum, and other blood derivatives -absorbent material soaked or dripping with saliva or blood -items caked with dried bloodGroup 4 & 7: Sharps-Group 4 = Used -Group 7 = UnUsedGroup 5: Animal Waste-Contaminated animal carcasses, body parts, bedding of animalsGroup 6: Isolation Wastes-bedding from patients or animals infected with BSL Level 4 agents -Anything used in care of patients or animals in isolationGroup 8: Other-Anything designated as RMW by an Infection Control AuthorityGroup 9: Chemotherapy Trace Wastes-Any item exposed to chemotherapy pharmaceuticalsManifesting and Record keeping-Each MTF/DTF must develop and document a system to monitor disposal of RMW per local, state and federal regulationsTraining-Each employee must receive training prior to beginning work and annually thereafterCleanup of Spills-Must be done IMMEDIATELY -Quarantine area -Don appropriate PPE